Top 5 Time Travel TV Series

Amanda Velez

Time travel is a concept that movies and TV shows like to play around with. Unfortunately, scientists haven’t cracked how to harness the power of the space-time continuum. Yet. Which is why viewers like myself are looking forward to NBC’s newest time travel drama, Timeless. The show has a Back to the Future: Part II feel as our heroes travel back in time to stop a criminal from altering the past for his benefit.

Timeless premieres tonight and I can’t wait to see what historic figures our time-travelers run into. I’m just a little bummed that their so-called “time machine” looks like a convoluted version of an oversized Time-Turner. Why couldn’t they keep it classy and stay with the tried-and-true DeLorean? If you’re like us and love you some science-defying drama, here are five more time travel TV shows that will keep you busy.



In Outlander, Claire is pulled unexpectedly back through time to 1743 where she meets Jamie, a Scottish soldier. She is forced to use her knowledge of the past to survive and gradually comes to accept that she may never get back to her own time. The show is based on the long-running book series by Diana Gabaldon. Recommended for anyone with a love of kilts.

Doctor Who


In Doctor Who, an alien Time Lord uses a blue British police box to travel through time and space. Accompanied by a human companion, the Doctor has many outrageous adventures and goes up against unique foes like Daleks, Weeping Angels, and Cybermen. Did I forget to mention that the Doctor regenerates every few seasons? Recommended for fans of alien technology and bowties.

12 Monkeys


In 12 Monkeys, James Cole must stop the Army of the 12 Monkeys from creating a deadly plague. Even if it means traveling to the past to do so. The show is based on the movie starring Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis. Recommended for viewers who don’t mind when movies are remade into TV shows.



In Continuum, Protector Kiera transports to the past in pursuit of Liber8, a radical group from the year 2077. Their mission: to alter the past to change the future. With new friend Alec’s help, Kiera must find a way to stop them and get back to her son, Sam. Recommended for conspiracy theorists who fear dystopian futures.



In Lost, plane crash survivors must adapt to living on an island that is not what it seems. Each episode focuses on a particular character and reveals more of their backstories. Pretty soon you realize that all of the castaways are connected somehow. Recommended for sleuths with a knack for untangling complex storylines.

Amanda Velez
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