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Sister Location just filled in some major holes in the FNAF timeline. Scott Cawthon keeps revealing major plot points with each game he releases. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location is the newest and possibly best game in the series, and the story is deeper and darker than ever before. We recently confirmed and debunked some of the fan theories that started up after the teaser trailer came out, and now we have finally played the new FNAF all the way through. Here are the biggest changes Sister Location has made to the ever-growing Five Nights at Freddy’s lore.

NOTE: Major Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location SPOILERS Follow!

You Are the Sister Location Creator

Sister-Location-Stage Show

The first thing you hear when launching the game is some dialogue between two characters. An unknown interviewer who is supposedly an employee of Fazbear Entertainment asks about the design choices for the new animatronics. There is no visual scene to accompany this exchange, and the screen is black while these two characters talk. This is the first time in the FNAF series where the game begins with a thematic and mysterious cold open.

You are William Afton, the creator and designer of Baby, Ballora, Funtime Foxy, Funtime Freddy and the Bonnie hand puppet, the Bidybabs, the Minireenas and the creature that eventually becomes Ennard. It is interesting to point out that the Mr. Afton character has now been confirmed to have a role in every game in the series in one form or another. Here he is searching for answers about his daughter who fell victim to his star creation, the animatronic Baby.

Baby Was Involved in the Bite of ‘83


The Bite of ’83 is a hot topic with FNAF fans. Many believe the incident featured in FNAF 4 where an original Golden Freddy malfunctioned and injured a child to have happened in 1983, but others are sure it occurred in 1987. One overall theory claims that in 1983, a child was killed by an unknown animatronic and another child was almost fatally hurt in 1987 by having his head bitten and losing part of his brain. Sister Location confirms that these two happened separately.

Players hear Mr. Afton’s daughter throughout the game talking and giving us clues as to what exactly happened. She defied her father’s wishes and crashed a birthday party to see Baby perform live. What occurred was horrifying. Baby wound up alone with the young girl and used her built-in ability to serve ice cream. When Mr. Afton’s daughter attempted to take the ice cream cone, a robotic claw shot out of Baby’s chest and grabbed the girl. She instantly got sucked into the animatronic, and the birthday party attendees returned to the room and started screaming.

Ennard Is the Main Evil Animatronic

Ennard likes to get in your face.

While playing Sister Location, you have to navigate through five levels that put you up against each of the deadly animatronics. The challenges in the game make it seem like each of the robotic characters is out to get you. Fans have speculated that each character is either possessed or activated by murderous artificial intelligence. This chapter reveals that there may actually be one evil creature that controls and imitates all of the others.

Ennard is not a single animatronic. This mechanical nightmare is a creature made up of different parts taken from the inside components of the rest of the Sister Location characters. As you progress, you never really see the Baby robot, yet she speaks to you and leads you through the facility. Once you realize the voice is another machine imitating Baby, it’s already too late. Ennard may be responsible for everything that happens in the plot from 1983 on, and he is definitely responsible for the death of William Afton and the creation of the Purple Guy.

You Get Turned Into the Purple Guy

Ennard + Mr. Afton = Purple Guy

There are two different endings where Ennard is responsible for your death. The “fake” ending puts you in a monitor room where you are forced to keep Ennard out while the power drains. It’s a very similar set up to the original Five Nights at Freddy’s, but even if you make it, Ennard will still follow you home and get you after the night is over.

The “real” ending is the game’s main final scene after Baby’s voice leads you through Ballora’s Gallery to the Scooping Room. Ennard actually jumps out at you causing a Game Over unless you follow all the directions precisely. Once inside the hidden room, a machine then disembowels you and your insides are replaced with the evil animatronic. Ennard kills you, enters your body, and you then become the Purple Guy. This explains many things previously known about the character, why he appears to walk in a strange way, and why his skin sags.

The House in FNAF 4 Is Monitored


At the end of Night Five, there is a major reveal when you enter the Private Room. Fans were so confused by the events of Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 that theories started going off the rails. Some people thought the game took place in the home of the crying child featured in the minigames; others believed the whole thing to be an elaborate nightmare. The lack of narrative and voiceover had a lot of FNAF players guessing if it was all just a dream.

After deactivating Baby, you enter a restricted area. In this area, there is a monitor office similar to the earlier games in the FNAF series. The display screens are on, but there is no signal. Once you see the number pad on the wall, entering the code 1983 will turn on the monitors and show the rooms in the house from FNAF 4. This is the house you live in as William Afton during the cut scenes. This means that the company was watching you the whole time. And the Nightmare versions of the animatronics inside the Purple Guy’s house are terrorizing the kidnapped child from FNAF 4. It wasn’t a dream at all.

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