Top 5 Sassy K-drama Female Leads

Devika Dinesh

When we think of K-drama female leads, the ones that often come to mind are the sweet and kind-hearted women who are nice to everyone. Or something along those lines. But isn’t it annoying to see them constantly dependent on the male lead, being naive, or even not speaking up when she should? Here are some refreshingly strong and sassy K-drama female leads who would still win your heart.

Cheon Song-yi, My Love From the Stars

Cheon Song Yi from k-drama My Love From The Stars

Played by Jun Ji-hyun, Cheon Song-yi in My Love From the Stars can most definitely be called the ‘Queen of Sass.’ She is a hilarious, and at times, selfish character who gets exactly what she wants. But perhaps, that is what makes her all the more realistic. And don’t forget that Jun Ji-hyun was also the lead of My Sassy Girl, and the title says it all.

Jang Hye-sung, I Hear Your Voice

kdrama i-hear-your-voice

Played by Lee Bo-young, Hye-sung is the sharp-tongued and witty lawyer you don’t want to cross on I Hear Your Voice. The best part is that just being a lawyer doesn’t imply that she is all about justice and serving the wronged. She works for the money, but at the same time, when she puts her mind to it, she is a pro at the job. And it’s honestly a relief to find a character who has some brains behind all that beauty.

Chae Young-shin, Healer

Chae Young Shin leading Bong Soo out of the greenhouse

Played by the gorgeous Park Min-young, Young-shin from Healer hits maybe a 7.5 in the sass-o-meter. Throughout the series, the character’s quirkiness and unexpected moments of bravery make her a fan favorite.

No Eun-sul, Protect the Boss

No Eun Sul from K-drama Protect the Boss

Played by Choi Kang Hee, No Eun-sul on Protect the Boss literally fights to get her message across. Yes, the one where you use fists and all. The only thing pitiful about her is probably her bank account. But she doesn’t let anything bother her and she carries herself with the kind of self-confidence one hardly expects to see in K-drama-land.

Yoo Hye-jung, Doctors

Yoo Hye Jung from K-drama Doctors

Played by Park Shin-hye, Hye-jung is a gangster turned doctor in the K-drama Doctors. It is amazing to watch the actress who mostly plays the damsel-in-distress to throw gut punches and high kicks for once. If the fact that Park Shin-hye kicks ass (literally!) isn’t reason enough for her to make the list, then I don’t know what is!

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