The Top 5 ‘CS:GO’ Pro Aces to Date

Brian Jerusalem

After reviewing a ton of professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gameplay, I’ve compiled a list of my five favorite CS:GO pro aces to date. These sick plays are a prime example of true individual skill and the caster’s reactions are like icing on the cake. They’re the cream of the crop executed by some of the greatest CS:GO players on the scene today.

 #5. Hiko – The Alamo

To say the least, this play really shows us that Hiko has inhuman reactions. From the very beginning to the very end he knew he was going to win this round, and he got some amazing shots while doing so, especially the unreal flick shot catwalk to win the round. The caster’s reaction is also a great part of this video, throughout the next round, many of them still tried to fathom what they just witnessed.

#4. Niko – Insane Cache Ace

Niko is, by far, one of the best professional CS:GO players around. This play is one of many that could’ve gone on this list, but the way he made it look so effortless, while using the Deagle no less, pushed it over the top. You can hear the commentator scream “Oh my lungs!” as Niko proceeds to get kill after kill.

#3. Shroud – The Nuttiest Player Alive

Shroud is another player on our list who could’ve had a lot of clips added. However, we chose this awesome 1v5 ace on old-school nuke. Shroud shuts down the entire enemy team from entering the A bombsite all with an M4, a Five-SeveN, and a dream.

#2. Happy – The Happy Deagle Ace

Happy has given us a ton of sick plays in the past, but this one actually blows my mind. Four of the five players he killed he didn’t even see, which is actually this play didn’t quite get our top spot. A lot of the play itself was from map-knowledge and luck but nevertheless, it’s impressive. Prepare yourself for this insane clip.

#1. Rain – Game Sense

This fantastic display of game sense by Rain is the reason it’s our #1 pro ace on this list. He reads each and every enemy like a book and punishes them for being so obvious. For each kill, he outplays and outsmarts his enemies and not one of them is slightly ready for his wrath. Enjoy the unreal awareness on display as he single-handedly brings the round home for his team.

This countdown was tough to put together considering the numerous amounts of amazing aces that have taken place during professional competitions. I cut down a long list of spectacular plays to just five. The clips were chosen based on skill however, style points and caster reactions also played a role . I hope you enjoyed these exquisite feats of individual strength, skill,  and game knowledge!

Do you think there was a clip we should’ve included? Let us know on our @GetFandom!

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