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One of the things the Fallout series is known for are the environmental stories told through terminal worklogs, holotapes, and other scenic details. In a previous article, we explored some of the top environmental stories of Fallout 4. With the recent release of Fallout 4: Nuka-World we wanted to do the same thing. What secrets are to be found in this former family-friendly vacation theme park that is now one of the deadliest destinations in the Commonwealth?

Safari Adventure Welcome Center

Safari Adventure brings the wonder of nature to Nuka-World attendees everywhere! This park is filled with various animal exhibits and events for the kids to take part in. However, after exploring most of Safari Adventure, it’s clear to see that there is more than meets the eye. Players gain access to the Welcome Center after clearing out other areas of the park.

An animal rights group named A.F.A.D. have been causing trouble across the park, fighting for the rights of animals. A terminal in the Reptile House states that they’ve been stealing animals to free them and a terminal in the Welcome Center holds a ransom note. The group kidnapped one of the leading scientists in Safari Adventure named Dr. Hein. Other terminals throughout the park hint at a strange experiment known as Project Cobalt. Only after gaining access to the visitor’s center will the answers reveal themselves.

The park had a contract with the U.S. military that involved genetic experiments resulting in create biological weapons. Sure enough, the Gatorclaws running rampant throughout the park were the final project. By treading into the basement areas of the welcome center, you’ll come across research notes from a scientist named Dr. McDermot who finalized the creation of the deadly monster. A cloning machine gone haywire is to blame for the outbreak of the experimental specimen. Once you stop the machine, clearing the park of the rest of Gatorclaws will make it safe once again.

RobCo BattleZone

Located in the Galactic Zone is the exciting RobCo Battlezone. This attraction allowed attendees to watch real fights between different models of RobCo Industries robots for entertainment! The ride was quite successful and drew sell-out crowds for its multiple shows. When you enter for the first time, an announcer will state the next show is starting in five minutes. If you explore the backstage area and come into the arena itself, you’ll find you’re the latest target of the robots in the show! You’ll fend off hordes of robots, each growing more dangerous before the doors are finally unlocked and you can leave.

Once you clear out the area, explore the upper control room and read the Control Room Terminal to discover just how poorly the attraction was run. The overbooked schedules of matches resulted in an outdated model exploding and nearly breaking the audience’s safety glass. On top of that, a technician died while repairing a robot due to its modified AI system. These robots (along with many of the robots found throughout Nuka-World) were equipped with live ammunition, and many of them were repurposed from military usage. It’s a shock that any Nuka-World visitors ever made it home safe at all!

Grandchester Mystery Mansion

On the western outskirts of Nuka-World, you’ll come across a unique attraction called the Grandchester Mystery Mansion, a nod to the Winchester Mystery House in California. This four-story tall building takes visitors through a spooky tour of a haunted house. Whether the attraction is haunted or not is open to interpretation. At the front gate, you’ll come across a Protectron asking for a ticket, which is priced at 65 Pre-War Money. Pay up or destroy the guard on duty to enter the house.

Inside you’ll find yourself in a massive parlor room, filled with bizarre layouts and ornaments. Some doors hide brick walls behind them and there’s a staircase that leads into the ceiling. An ominous narrator will greet you as you enter the mansion, detailing a gruesome tale of the Granchester family — Hannibal and Morticia Granchester had a daughter named Lucy who apparently suffered from demonic possession. She would torture animals, assault her family, and cause endless trouble for her parents. Walls are adorned with plaques providing additional details to the mansion and the fate of the family. Be sure to tread carefully, an intruder from the Wasteland has set some of his own traps alongside the ride’s already dangerous attractions.

Once you reach the end of the attraction, you’ll come across a legendary Gunner boss Zachariah. In his room, you can find his terminal detailing how he fled from the Gunners and established a base within the mansion. He felt right at home in the attraction and began to hunt nearby traders for supplies. In his last terminal entry, he mentions hearing a strange laugh on occasion. He blames his Assaultron‘s programming and leaves it at that. However, head up into the attic and you’ll discover that the Granchester family story might be more grounded in reality than you first thought.

Wixon’s Shovel Museum

Located outside of Nuka-World, you’ll find perhaps the most entertaining attraction that the new DLC has to offer. Wixon’s Shovel Museum! The museum is overrun with a horde of Gunners. Once you kill them, take some time to read some plaques found on the first floor. The display cases contain some early recreations of the world’s first shovels, as well as the ceremonial shovel that was used in Napoleon’s victory marches. If you ever wanted to know the difference between a shovel and a spade, this museum will also set the record straight.

On the second floor, you’ll find an employee terminal filled with corrupted files. Only one file remains – a letter of resignation from an employee. After seven wondrous years of working for the shovel museum, they have accepted another offer at the Museum of Mop and Buckets. With an attraction like this so close, it’s hard to imagine how Nuka-World managed to stay in business!

Vault-Tec: Among the Stars

Everyone’s favorite shady company has their own attraction at Nuka-World in the Galactic Zone. This ride is nothing more than a glorified sales pitch for Vault-Tec Vaults. Once you enter inside the attraction, look for the metal walkway that leads you through different animatronic scenes. The ride showcases different elements of Vault living, from farming capabilities to living quarters. As you progress through the ride, you’ll notice your vision becomes blurred every so often. If you open your menu and check your active effects, you’ll notice things such as “Brainwave Disruption” and “Subliminal Messaging.” Typical Vault-Tec.

At the end of the ride, attendees were greeted by Vault-Tec Salesmen who would then try to close the sale of a Vault. With attendees under the effects of unknown drugs and manipulation, the salesmen had little pushback to seal the deal. To uncover what’s really going on, gain access to the first-floor employee area. You’ll come across an Operations Terminal where a new employee begins to notice attendees acting strange. He complains of having memory problems and feels the project lead, Dr. Bateman, has been acting strangely.

Behind another locked door are two employee terminals. Each of these details different types of experimentation using Theta Radiation and Subliminal Messaging. Each researcher leaves extensive daily logs of how ride attendees are affected. Some attendees grow faint and lose their memory, while others begin to show signs of heightened aggression. The researchers note that the effects have become more pronounced over time. To round these horrible experiments off, one of the researchers accuses Bateman of experimenting on his own researchers! He describes how he has begun falling asleep on the job and was checking his workroom for vents for possible tampering.

Sure enough, you can gain access to Bateman’s terminal, which lists in detail five different experiments that have been taking place in Vault-Tec: Among the Stars. Not only were everyday attendees experimented on, but the researchers taking part in administering the tests also fell victim to their own research. It’s unclear what the exact reasons were for Dr. Bateman’s experiments. Was Vault-Tec trying to find ways to sell more vaults through this attraction? Or was it something more sinister?

Be sure to check out our expansive Fallout 4 wiki for even more environmental stories of Fallout 4 Nuka-World!

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