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At one time, Tokyo Game Show rivaled E3 as one of the biggest gaming conventions around. And while the show’s influence outside Japan has shrunken considerably, TGS is still a major event every year, with dozens of new trailers and big game announcements. But what’s the biggest news coming from the busy floor of Tokyo Game Show 2016?


No need to scour the rest of the internet for the news, because Fandom has put the TGS information right here. From new games to updated release dates to ridiculous commercials, we’ve pulled together all the Tokyo Game Show 2016 news for you. And let’s start with the biggest news of all.

New The Last Guardian Demo

In both Tokyo and California this week, Sony let the press have an extensive hands-on with the long-awaited The Last Guardian. Fandom was one of the lucky few outlets to play Team Ico’s new game, and you can read our reactions. Or just watch our gameplay video above. After playing it, it makes the new delay even harder to bear.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Delayed to January

This new video for the PS4 remake of Kingdom Hearts 3D is a fan-pleaser, especially with the new remix of Kingdom Hearts‘ classic theme by Utada Hikaru. But the trailer came with the sad news that Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue has slipped from its December release date. Now you can expect the game Jan. 24. And you can look forward to Kingdom Hearts 3 approximately never (just kidding… or are we?).

Resident Evil VII Demo Updated

As we reported this week, Resident Evil VII: Biohazard got a new trailer at TGS 2016, but even if you didn’t attend, you could get a new taste of the game. The Beginning Hour demo released during E3 2016 got a new coat of paint during Tokyo Game Show 2016. Whether you played it before or not, you’ll find new areas, items, and scares in the demo for January’s Resident Evil VII. And that wasn’t the only Resident Evil news.

Resident Evil Getting a New CG Movie


As reported by Kotaku, Capcom of Japan revealed that 2017 would feature a brand new Resident Evil film. Titled Resident Evil: Vendettait’s going to be an all CGI film that tells a new story featuring RE stars Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy. If it’s anything like Resident Evil: Degenerationit should be silly, flashy fun.

Final Fantasy XV has one Final TGS Trailer

We’re still waiting for Final Fantasy XV to arrive after the game has made so many appearances at past Tokyo Game Shows. With the release (seemingly) nearing, why not one last trailer for TGS 2016? This trailer introduces some new characters and ups the stakes for lead character Noctis.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Gets New Trailer

The game is out in just a few weeks, but there’s still new features to reveal for the upcoming Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2As you can see in the new Japanese language trailer, recreating more moments from the anime series, along with including some of DBZ’s newest villains. All that and the debut of female Super Saiyans, a first for the series.

New Details on Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima, the mastermind of Metal Gear Solid, made a rare public appearance at Sony’s pre-TGS event. And while he didn’t bring any new videos or even screens for his upcoming title Death Stranding, Kojima at least shared a few new details. Mainly that the game would be an open world action game with online features, and that a game engine has been chosen. Hope those little crumbs of info can tide you over until the game releases in the far off future.

Persona 5 Gets Hilarious PS4 Slim Commercial

Lastly, let’s close out this rundown with a particularly funny commercial for Persona 5. The game isn’t out in the U.S. until February, but to coincide with its Japanese release, PlayStation put out this great new commercial for the game. With the Japanese launch of the PS4 Slim, the current-gen system is now 5000 yen cheaper, leading the woman on the 5000 yen note (Ichiyō Higuchi) to sing a tribute to the system and Persona 5. It’s a lovely, goofy ad to remind us why we love Japan’s games.

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