10 Tips for Dominating ‘Uncharted 4’ Multiplayer


While the Uncharted series is known for its expansive story campaign, the series has featured some remarkably fun competitive multiplayer since Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. If you’re wrapping up the single-player component, follow these quick tips to get started in Uncharted 4 PVP.

Practice Makes Perfect

Uncharted 4 Loadout

You’ve heard this idiom before, but it’s still true. Practicing with the same weapon over and over will help you learn the ropes, yes, but Naughty Dog has also tied the progression system to your use of weapons over time. Want a better shotgun? Be prepared to use it, a lot. The same goes for secondary weapons. You also better believe your opponents will be doing the same.

If you want to measure up against your enemies, you’ll want to bring powerful weapons modifiers into each match. And the only way to unlock these modifiers is to earn them through consistent play. Find a loadout you like as quickly as possible, and stick with it.

Play Defensively

Uncharted 4 - Play Defensively

Some competitive games reward daring offensive plays. This is not that type of game! Do not, I repeat, do not charge into a room full of enemies convinced you’ll kill a bunch of people and go down in a blaze of glory. When you down an opponent, they are not actually dead. They can, and will, be revived by their teammates. This means even if you down three opponents, unless you can secure the location and confirm the kills, your death is meaningless.

Uncharted 4 multiplayer is a far more defensive game than other shooters. Play smart and don’t risk your life to get a kill unless you know you can put your enemy down for good.

Upgrade Your Gear Early

Uncharted 4 - Gear Upgraded

All of the tools you bring into battle can be upgraded with currency you find and earn during each match. These tools include sidekicks, grenades, landmines, new weapons and more, and they can all turn the tide of battle. Unlocking and upgrading these tools isn’t actually too expensive, and you should be able to purchase an upgrade within the first few minutes of a match. Do so as soon as possible.

Once you’ve given yourself an advantage, it’ll be easier to secure more kills and loot, getting you closer to yet another powerful upgrade.

Revive Only When Safe

Uncharted 4 - Revive When Safe

This goes back to the defensive play suggestion. Reviving teammates makes you incredibly vulnerable. If your buddy goes down, don’t try to get them up until you know you’re safe. I’ve seen too many teammates try to get me up just to get mowed down themselves, sometimes by the same person. Yes, sometimes you’ll watch your teammates die in front of you. Just mute them if they complain.

Share Your Sidekick

Uncharted 4 - Sidekicks

Sidekicks are powerful NPC additions to Uncharted 4 multiplayer. Some will lay down cover fire, others act as snipers and others can heal you and your team. Please, do not let these Sidekicks go to waste in a desperate attempt to survive a losing battle. When alone, your sidekicks will go down easily, completely wasting the support they provide to your entire team.

Summon your Sidekick when you’re in a squad, and remember you can command most of them to take up strategic positioning to help out a friend.

Use Your Surroundings

Use Your Surroundings

Uncharted 4 is all about environmental traversal. This isn’t just another run-and-gun shooter, so use the environment to your advantage. You can kill opponents when hanging off a ledge under them. You can also launch off a swinging rope to deal a brutal punch to enemies below. These are especially effective against enemy Sidekicks, who seem susceptible to stealth play.

Don’t forget, you can also use line of sight to your advantage and lurk behind corners. Sometimes shooting is not your best option.

Protect Your Captain/Idol Carrier

Enemy Captain

This tip is only applicable in Command and Plunder game modes, but it’s an important one. In Command, capturing points is important, but you can also earn points by hunting down and killing your other team’s captain. Of course, they’ll be doing the same to you. Don’t leave your captain alone. They are always visible on radar, so they can be easy pickings against a coordinated team.

The same goes for your idol carrier in Plunder. If you’re carrying the relic in Plunder, I highly encourage you to toss it in front of you and juggle it to the finish line instead of crawling your way there while under heavy fire.

Roll, Roll, Roll

Uncharted 4 - Roll

Getting shot at from some unknown direction? Or perhaps you’re being charged at by some brute. Dodge-roll liberally and often. Just like in Dark Souls III, rolling will lower your profile and get you out of harm’s way quickly. It’s a huge pain to shoot someone while they’re rolling around sporadically. Get used to rolling away from battle. Just be sure to avoid accidentally sticking to walls.

Melee Is Your Friend

Uncharted 4 - Hook Strike

Uncharted 4 includes a new charged melee attack using your grappling hook. This attack will instantly down opponents when hit. You’ll have to land three melee hits to down an opponent using the normal attack. Charge up that hook when you have time. This is especially effective when you have the element of surprise.

It’s OK to Run Away

Uncharted 4 Landmine Kills

When the tide turns against you and your team, do not stand your ground. This is true in melee battles, when your opponent gets in the first hit, as well as gunfights, when half your team is downed. Running away won’t just save your life, it may force your enemies to give chase, leading them right into a trap. You will also heal up pretty quickly, ready to fight again in no time.

Shake That Booty

Uncharted 4 - Kiss of Death

Nothing humiliates your opponents more than blowing them a sloppy kiss. You can unlock this and more taunts under the customization options.

Good luck, players!

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