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Time to Ignite Your ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ Fandom!

The movie that singlehandedly revitalized the Windex brand is coming back! My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 arrives in theaters on March 25th, which basically changes the game as far as big budget sequels in the month. Who needs Batman and Superman?

Here’s the trailer:

There’s obviously a bit of sarcasm involved in the previous paragraph but it actually is refreshing to see a film like this getting a proper theatrical release and a legitimate marketing campaign. As the world of cinema has changed heavily in the past decade the market has squeezed many of the smaller profile franchises and less genre dependent titles to the streaming or direct to video market. While My Big Fat Greek Wedding was a sensation upon its release it’s actually an odd time to see a continuation of the story. But here it is and maybe it’ll provide a little insurance to fringe titles that there is a value for taking what is sadly now an old school approach to the release strategy.

The low to middle budget films have largely ceased to exist in the theatrical market, creating an industry where studios would rather release expensive but safe bets in smaller quantity than numerous cheaper but riskier ventures. From a perspective it makes sense but for an audience craving diverse content it’s a bummer. There’s a reason television has become such an appetizing alternative.

Let’s see how they fare against the Justice League.

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