Three Questions We Have After Watching ‘Archer’ Season 7

Graham Host
TV Animated Series
TV Animated Series

The most recent season of Archer finished in spectacular fashion. With the Archer robot exploding before the group, it seems that the Sterling Archer floating face-down in the pool may actually be the real one.

Let’s back up a bit. Following a somewhat unsuccessful attempt to save a man’s life, the CIA blocked ISIS from ever working in the intelligence community again. Considering the current political climate, maybe there was another reason for the change of name. Regardless, the team has now moved to LA to work as private detectives. Because of certain laws, only Cyril Figgis is actually allowed to be a PI with the others working at his firm, The Figgis Agency. Season 7 began with a pair of police detectives discussing a shooting at Veronica Deane‘s house and slowly pans down to reveal the world former most secret agent.

The late Sterling Archer.

Archer has continued the ridiculous antics that we all know and love: Everything from Ray‘s robot legs giving him super-speed to Sterling diving over a cliff with only overdose levels of painkillers to protect him. We’re granted a brief look into the traumatic past of Sterling’s childhood days of swirlies and see his untameable libido force him and Lana Kane into a break (to all the Ross and Rachel fans out there: This is definitely a break). Cyborg Barry drags himself back into their lives and there is a concerning lack of Woodhouse. Despite the season being cut from 16 episodes to 10, the result is still dangerously funny and should not be taken in large doses.

Is Archer Really Dead?

The season finale has Sterling using his Krieger-bot to fool Veronica Deane into killing one of him while the other provides a witness. But the witness later explodes while trying to propose to Lana, revealing him as the robot. Considering we only see two Archers in the car, it appears that the world’s former greatest spy is now dead in a pool. But could it just be another robot? It seems unlikely that the producers would kill off the Archer of Archer but it may actually be that way. According to an interview executive producer Matt Thompson gave, FX has yet to renew Archer for another season. The team has already started planning for if it gets renewed but, if it isn’t, “We’ll have a bunch of ideas that we’ll probably throw out on the internet!”

What Happened With the CIA and MK Ultra?

In “Liquid Lunch,” the dysfunctional duo is hired by CIA Agent Slater to find a member of the MK Ultra program. Although they find the target, he slips and falls from a ledge when Archer attempts to sneak up behind him. Before falling, he rattles on about how MK Ultra was still active and it didn’t end with him. Despite being a crazed lunatic, he did manage to evade the CIA long enough that they had to call in help. There might just be something to his story. In the wrong hands (like Krieger’s) the results of MK Ultra could prove disastrous. Please let Krieger find them.

Seriously, Where Is Woodhouse?

During Archer Vice, Woodhouse moved into the Tunt manor with the rest of the crew and became something of a general butler rather than Archer’s personal manservant. But we haven’t seen or heard even a peep about the loveable old Englishman. Considering his career in the army and the long history of drug use, there is still potential for him to be mixed up in some seedy underworld dealings and rescued in Season 8.

If found, please return ASAP.

Although this season has seen fewer episodes than it should have, there’s an end we can live with but still open to the possibility of a twist where Sterling is still alive. The CIA waits in the shadows, dark and mysterious, and Woodhouse is probably off somewhere in terrible danger. Given how little Archer seems to actually care about a consistent storyline and more about just throwing in jokes, this is one show that desperately needs to make a return as soon as it can.

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