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With the Arrowverse‘s successful “Invasion!” crossover behind us, all eyes will be on the CW’s next major superhero event. Fans are already looking forward to the impending musical crossover between The Flash and Supergirl, which will hopefully recapture the magic of last year’s groundbreaking “Worlds Finest” episode. In terms of another four-show extravaganza, however, audiences will almost certainly have to wait until next December – the traditional time for the shared universe’s blockbuster events. Since the minds behind the Arrowverse have proven themselves capable of adapting existing storylines for their crossovers, let’s look at three other stories that could be adapted for the next major event.

Tower of Babel

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The animated Justice League Doom already adapted Mark Waid’s 2000 JLA story, but a live-action Arrowverse version would be uniquely entertaining. In the storyline, Batman is fearful of the possibility of Justice League members going rogue, so he creates a series of contingency plans meant to neutralise himself and his colleagues if they ever become a threat. The plans fall into the hands of Ra’s al Ghul, who uses them against the League. The aftermath sees Batman leaving the League after losing their trust.

Obviously, some details of the story are not adaptable. In particular, the Dark Knight currently cannot appear in the Arrowverse. Additionally, Ra’s al Ghul is already dead in the universe’s continuity. However, Oliver Queen is a clear substitute for Bruce Wayne in this case. Actor Stephen Amell has suggested that Green Arrow’s paranoia may lead him to develop similar countermeasures. The writers could also get creative in imagining weapons to take down heroes who are not included in the original comic, such as Vibe, Steel, or Ragman.

The real impact of this story would be felt over the long term, with meaningful dramas on all four shows. Each hero could have different ways of reacting to the instruments of their own destruction. More significantly, Oliver’s apparent betrayal could drive a wedge between him and his friends. “Invasion!” ratcheted up tensions between Barry and the others due to the consequences of Flashpoint. “Tower of Babel” could shake up the friendly status quo and force some character development for the brooding vigilante.

Starro the Conqueror

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Starro has already made a humorous appearance on NBC’s Powerless but has been relegated to Easter eggs in the Arrowverse. In 1960, the telepathic alien starfish was the first adversary that the Justice League of America ever faced and has reappeared over the years, including as a member of the Sinestro Corps. The creature has even battled Marvel’s Avengers in a DC/Marvel crossover.

Having our heroes do battle with a giant, mind-controlling sea creature would probably be too goofy for modern DC movies. It would, however, perfectly match the fun and joyful tone that previous CW crossovers have captured. It’s easy to imagine Diggle’s reaction to fighting an evil starfish, or Cisco’s glee at giving the villain its nickname. Previous crossovers have featured mind-controlled heroes doing battle with one another, so this particular ability of Starro’s can be toned down or explored in new directions. Finally, the successful appearances of computer-generated villains like Grodd, King Shark, and the Dominators prove that the creature can be brought to life in a realistic and threatening way.

DC One Million

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If the minds behind the Arrowverse want to think outside the box, they could adapt Grant Morrison’s DC One Million miniseries. Set in the 853rd century, the story sees future versions of DC heroes teaming up with their present-day counterparts. The futuristic setting presents fun new twists on established characters like Batman and the Flash. It also features an aged Superman who has spent centuries in exile from Earth. The two teams unite to stop a Vandal Savage plot, who plagues them in both time periods.

The Arrowverse has embraced time travel as a plot device on multiple shows. A crossover that sends our heroes to the far future to meet their own descendants – or, in the case of the Kryptonians, their older selves – could build on that in a unique and exciting way. One way to top the thrill of seeing four casts united would be to see them fight alongside a whole new roster of analogues of themselves. The Legends have defeated Savage, but DC canon is rife with villains who can challenge the two teams.

The Sky’s the Limit

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The CW has proven itself capable of delivering crossovers that satisfy fans, draw massive ratings, and tell good stories. These are only a handful of possible directions for the next big event. Whatever the minds behind the Arrowverse choose, fans should be confident that they can deliver. We will find out one way or another next December.

Connor Ahluwalia
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