‘Thor: Ragnarok’: Meet the ‘Revengers’ in New Trailer

Lawrence Yee
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Revengers, assemble! Or should it be Revengers, reassemble?

In a new spot for Thor: Ragnarok, Thor’s ragtag team of heroes (and reformed villains) takes its name from the Avengers.

So who’s in the Revengers, and who are they seeking revenge on?

Roll Call

First, there’s the norse god himself, who has apparently lost his hammer Mjolnir and at least of foot of his luscious blond locks.

Then there’s his brother Loki, who is equally adept with daggers as he is alien rail guns.

Thor’s Avengers teammate The Hulk also joins the team. Bruce Banner’s alter ego has seemingly retain more intellect after transformation, gaining the ability to hold a conversation in Hulk-speak.

There’s also newcomer Valkyrie, a warrior woman who flies a pegasus and also is very handy with a sword.

“I’m putting together a team,” Thor announces.

“This team of yours … does it have a name?” Valkyrie asks.

“Yeah, it’s called the … Revengers,” Thor replies as a skeptical Banner looks on. Check out the hilarious moment above.

Revenge Time

The Revengers mission is to bring Hela — the Goddess of Death — to justice after she invades and decimates Asgard.

It’s not the first time a solo Marvel film has had its lead team up with other heroes.

In Captain America: The First Avenger, Cap recruits the Howling Commandos to take on HYDRA.

And although they aren’t human, Tony Stark summons multiple Iron Men suits (some of which he dons) to take on super-powered super-villain Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3.

And of course, Captain America and Iron Man draw battle lines in Captain America: Civil War, which pitted Avenger versus Avenger.

Fans can see the Revengers in action when Thor: Ragnarok opens in theaters October 24 in the U.K. and November 3 in the U.S.

Lawrence Yee
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