Get a Closer Look at Sakaar with this ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Model

Samantha Loveridge
Movies Marvel
Movies Marvel

The release might be a way off, but that hasn’t stopped information about Thor: Ragnarok appearing online. We’ve already had a glimpse of the movie in its first trailer and now some intriguing insight into the film has arrived courtesy of the Marvel Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Australia.

The exhibition has been great at providing some enticing glimpses into several locations and major objects that will be featured in Thor: Ragnarok. And one those is the planet of Sakaar.

Director Taika Waititi has confirmed that at least part of the film will actually be set on Sakaar, which will please Planet Hulk comic fans. Sakaar is the alien planet where Hulk transformed from a reluctant gladiator to a ruler in the Planet Hulk comics.

The above image taken at the Brisbane exhibition shows a model of Sakaar complete with Gladiator Arena where Hulk and Thor are seen fighting in the latest trailer and the city where Thor will be imprisoned.

Marvel’s Gallery of Modern Art even has Hulk’s bed from Thor: Ragnarok, where he sleeps in Sakaar.

The rather jaw-dropping bed seems to be crafted from the skull of a gigantic alien beast and looks far from comfortable.

Elsewhere in the exhibit, there are more clues as to the content we’ll be seeing in Thor: Ragnarok, including the costumes, set and throne from Asgard and some of Thor’s swords and daggers and Loki’s costume.

We’ve particularly obsessed with this signed print from Marvel Studios Visual Development Supervisor/Concept Artist Andy Park, which is also on display. The concept art ios being used to illustrate the hardcover gallery book and depicts a fully-armoured Thor surrounded by lightning and some of the other characters from the film.

If we could have this on our walls, we 100% would.

Samantha Loveridge
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