This ‘Alien: Covenant’ Poster Is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

Drew Dietsch

Alien: Covenant has a lot of fans hyped. It’s a return to form for the franchise after the mixed reception of Prometheus. Will it hit with wide audiences as well as Alien fans? We’re very close to finding out that answer. In the meantime, the marketing machine has begun to ramp up and today brings us the best piece of promotion Alien: Covenant has produced.

Feast your hungry peepers on this new poster:

alien covenant poster

You don’t normally see wide-release movies that go the artistic distance like this. Most movie posters are floating heads that exist just to sell the actors in the film. A lot of movie posters don’t take inspiration from their source material to make something iconic. This Alien: Covenant poster does not have that problem. It looks like it could have been made by H.R. Giger, the artistic who originated the xenomorph’s design.

If this poster is reflective of the studio’s approach to the film, we could be in for something special with Alien: Covenant. With the exception of the Alien vs. Predator films, Fox has always treated the Alien series with a certain level of prestige. Hopefully, this poster is indicative of that attitude. It’s always a better world when we have a good Alien film to watch.

Alien: Covenant hits the big screen on May 19. Need to get up to speed on what’s going on in this new movie? Give our Quick Guide a watch!

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