The Year in Fandom Awards: Vote for Best TV Show of the Year

Drew Dietsch
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2016 was a banner year for television. Serialized fiction dominated the airwaves and we’re here to look at the best of the best. We’ve combed through the choices and picked our top ten selections, but now it’s time for you to decide which one is the Best TV Show of 2016! Vote below.

Here are the nominees for Best TV Show of the Year:


In Atlanta, Donald Glover brought a surreal yet heartfelt exploration of the Atlanta music scene to FX, and it’s gone down as one of the strongest opening seasons in television history. The unique perspective and excellent acting make this a one-of-a-kind experience that delivers something no one else has brought to the small screen. Is that a good reason for it to claim the title of Best TV Show of 2016?

Better Call Saul

The Breaking Bad spin-off really came into its own in its second season. The ongoing story of Jimmy McGill’s transformation into the lovable scumbag Saul Goodman went to some rough places this season and that only meant we got to see some of the best drama on television. Superb performances from the entire leading cast and a measured, cinematic style made this one of 2016’s absolute victories. Should that make it the Best TV Show of 2016?

The Flash

The CW’s DC universe got an exceptional boost thanks to the third season of the Scarlet Speedster. With new foes, a new timeline, and a multiverse crossover of epic proportions, The Flash has cemented itself as the most comic book-y show currently on television. Heck, it might end up being the best comic book show of all time once it finally finishes its run. Has this season been enough of a victory to call The Flash the Best TV Show of 2016?

Game of Thrones

Westeros was expectedly bloody and depressing this year on Game of Thrones, but those are some of the reasons we love this fantasy masterpiece of a show. We got Jon Snow back as well as some insanely big plot twists (that finale!) that helped solidify this season as one of the show’s absolute best. As this tale begins to set itself up for the final few acts, will this season be one of the show’s most fondly remembered? It will if it wins Best TV Show of 2016!

Marvel’s Luke Cage

Marvel continued their assault of original Netflix programming with Luke Cage, a funky but down-to-earth crime show that made a star out of leading man Mike Colter. The sweet soundtrack and grounded performances gave the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet another unique superhero for its ever-expanding roster. Does that mean that the Hero of Harlem should take home the prize for Best TV Show of 2016?


Sundance’s dark drama about a wrongly accused man finished its run on a high note. The show drew critical acclaim across the board and is still finding new viewers even though its time has ended. This heavy character drama isn’t for everyone – it doesn’t pull any punches – but it’s a thoughtful and powerful piece of television history. Should we send it on its way with an award for Best TV Show of 2016?

Stranger Things

Stranger Things was the cult phenomenon no one saw coming, but now it’s garnered an epic fandom worthy of any great show. This loving homage to the ’80s has brought in old and new fans to the genres of science fiction and horror, and that’s something we can always use more of in the realm of television. Should this pop culture sensation cap its year off by wearing the crown of the Best Show of 2016?


The dependably hilarious and heartfelt Veep closed out its fifth season just as real world politics were getting even more absurd than the show. Julia Louis-Dreyfus has been a comedic mainstay as Selina Meyer and we can all use her special doses of ridiculousness, especially in our current political climate. How do they even attempt to come back to their next season after the bananas election we just experienced? Regardless, will Veep claim the coveted prize of being the Best TV Show of 2016?

The Walking Dead

Seven seasons and this post-apocalyptic tale looks to just be gearing up. The Walking Dead is a cultural standard at this point. There is not denying its power. Still, was this past half-season one of its best? Will we be chatting about the big deaths and plot twists for years to come? It’ll be up to you to decide this show’s legacy, and you can start by choosing whether or not it deserves to be called the Best TV Show of 2016.


Who would have imagined that a show about robot cowboys would become one of the most talked about shows of the year? This dark, labyrinthine chunk of hardcore science fiction took the fan world by storm. We’re still seeing countless theories and essays crop up even after the first season’s finale! It’s no question that Westworld stormed out of the gate and left a big impression. Was it a big enough impression to deem it the Best TV Show of 2016?

Drew Dietsch
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