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While it’s true that 2016 may not be remembered as a stellar year — we’ve lost a lot of pop culture greats, after all — on the whole, fans of movies, TV, and games have had quite a lot to be happy about. As the year comes to an end, it’s time to look back on the best of the best and select the winners of our Year in Fandom Awards. Have a look at the nominees, and cast your vote below!

Here are the nominees for Best Movie Fight Scene:

Airport Fight – Captain America: Civil War

You’ve got Captain America, Falcon, Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye and Ant-Man on one side, Iron Man, Black Widow, Black Panther, Vision and War Machine on the other. Oh, and Spider-Man shows up mid-way through proceedings, stealing the film in the process. This was the fight that the Marvel movies have been building up to, and the lengthy battle royale didn’t disappoint in terms of action, comedy, and drama.

Warehouse Fight – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

[ooyala video=”xtMWNpMTE6_GGxoR5d6KI3T2Y0hM2enn” player=”52bc289bedc847e3aa8eb2b347644f68″]

Ever since director Zack Snyder announced that Man of Steel 2 was morphing into Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and would be heavily influenced by Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, fans had been salivating at the prospect of the world’s greatest superheroes going toe-to-toe. Mercifully, the fight didn’t disappoint, with Batman using all his intelligence and tactical know-how to neutralize Superman’s superpowers so that he can genuinely hurt him. And just when you’re questioning how it will end, the dust-up is diffused by the most unexpected coincidence; one that caused serious debate in the comic book community.

Doctor Strange vs. Kaecilius – Doctor Strange

[ooyala video=”M4aGkyNzE6SEfjLAiUXWDrT_KPOIdiK9″ player=”52bc289bedc847e3aa8eb2b347644f68″]

Doctor Strange landed in cinemas this year and found not just fans of Marvel but fans of cinema embracing its quirky sense of humour and high-impact visual rendering of Marvel’s cosmic universe on screen. The film’s centerpiece, however, is that immense battle between the titular doctor (Benedict Cumberbatch on top form) and villain Kaecilius (a formidable Mads Mikkelson). Bolstered by incredible special effects that include Strange wielding a lasso-cum-whip-cum-laser beam made of electrical energy and Kaecilius defying gravity and bending the rules of time and space, the two comic book characters clash spectacularly in an epic tussle. And to top it all, there’s a heroic quip-off revolving around the good neurosurgeon’s name.

Car Fight – Deadpool

[ooyala video=”txOThzeTouV3b1NoR20uUyfITSUEpjgm” player=”52bc289bedc847e3aa8eb2b347644f68″]

This is a pretty epic fight scene, the action kicking off in a car, transferring to a bridge, then ending with some hilarious mutant-on-mutant fisticuffs. In the car portion Deadpool takes out the passengers in increasingly creative and violent ways, culminating in his making a bad guy eat a cigarette lighter. On the bridge he has 12 bullets left and kills many more than 12 hoods using those bullets. And finally he breaks one of his hands punching Colossus’s face. And the other punching his balls. Along the way Deadpool finds time to crack wise about Wolverine, Terminator 2, Professor X, and Sinead O’Connor.

Cap vs. Iron Man – Captain America: Civil War

[ooyala video=”o3MGtoNDE6PHFHYeZnnozzkm-t8KJPuo” player=”52bc289bedc847e3aa8eb2b347644f68″]

If the aforementioned airport showdown was all about spectacle, the fight between Cap and Iron Man that concluded Civil War was driven by pure, raw emotion. On discovering that Steve Rogers had kept the truth about his parent’s death from him, Tony Stark can’t control his rage, and the brawl that follows is both brutal and heartbreaking as these two former friends use all the powers at their disposal to destroy each other.

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