Don’t Mess With Maggie in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Mid Season Finale

Corey Denis
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SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers from Season 8, Episode 8 of The Walking Dead, entitled “How It’s Gotta Be.” Proceed with caution.

The Walking Dead Season 8 mid season finale belongs to Carl Grimes and Maggie Rhee. At this point in the zombie apocalypse, every single character has experienced major loss. Every single character understands their primary goal is to survive, somehow. Every single character is entrenched in dynamics which could alter the future for everyone involved. It’s all out war, and every character knows nothing will ever be the same again. War is hell, and everyone knows there will be more loss around the corner. Carl Grimes and Maggie Rhee are ready, and so is the internet.

Twitter Just Can’t

The Season 8 mid season finale is intense, and it’s just too much to handle. While our favorite heroes struggle to survive, fans have Twitter to help them through the stress.

It’s Carl’s Story And We’re All Just In It

The internet knows him as Coral, and he owns the Season 8 mid season finale.

In an act of heroic courage, Carl takes control of the battle for Alexandria. Survival means living one day at a time, and Carl is at peace with the moment. The Saviors want Alexandria, and they can have it. Carl is more concerned with saving his tribe than the buildings in which they dwell.

Carl distracts Negan with the one thing Negan does better than any other character: talking. Negan is eager to oblige, and Twitter approves.

Carl’s tactic works.

Sorry not sorry, Negan.

Meanwhile, At The Hilltop

Gregory is still alive, and nobody approves.

No, My First Name Ain’t Cupcake

While Gregory continues to call Maggie “Margaret,” one unlucky prisoner of war on the Hilltop decides to call her cupcake. And no. Just, no. Much like Rosita In Season 8 Episode 6 “The King, The Widow, and Rick,” and on behalf of women everywhere, Maggie won’t tolerate sexual harassment. She’s tactical, pregnant, pissed off, and has a gun in her hand. Pro tip: don’t call a badass woman “Cupcake”. Not ever. This is how it’s gotta be.

Father And Son Reunion

Maggie is holding the Hilltop Colony , but Rick has been all over the place during the war. He and Carl haven’t seen each other since all out war began. By the end of the Season 8 mid season finale, Rick and Carl are reunited. Both have survived, so far, somehow. But there’s a problem, and no, you’re crying.

That Bite Tho

When did that bite happen? Carl makes big moves to save Alexandria and asks Negan to kill him, because he knew he was already dying.

Not Dead Yet

Carl isn’t dead yet, but that didn’t stop Twitter from eulogizing him. TOO SOON, YOU GUYS. Too soon.

The Whisperers Are Coming

In the comics, Carl gets bit – by a Whisperer. The Whisperers haven’t made an appearance in The Walking Dead yet, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t around. They’re humans, who behave exactly like Walkers in every.single.way.

While Maggie is holding the fort at the Hilltop, Carl, Rick, Michonne, Siddiq and the rest of the crew are hiding out underground. Carl has a bite, and appears to be dying. Is it a real Walker bite, or a human bite compliments of a Whisperer? Will keeping prisoners of war on the Hilltop help unite the living in the fight against the dead? We’ll have to wait until February 25, 2018 to find out.

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