The Latest ‘Walking Dead’ Was All About Powerful Women, Especially Rosita

Corey Denis
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SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers from the Season 8 Episode 6 of The Walking Dead entitled “The King, The Widow, and Rick.” Proceed with caution.

The Walking Dead celebrated women for Thanksgiving, and the Internet approved. The sixth episode of Season 8 was about friendship, survival, and the strength of femininity. While Ezekiel was still in mourning (RIP Shiva), Maggie, Rosita, Carol, Tara and Michonne swooped in to remind fans The Walking Dead is an inspiring story of survival.

Naked Jadis

“The King, The Widow, and Rick” roared right away. Immediately, fans were exposed to the naked female leader of the Scavengers. Yes, Jadis is back, and apparently she likes to sculpt in the almost-nude while surrounded by piles of trash. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Rick’s Polaroid Fail

Poor Rick. He’s been taking Polaroid photos of dead Saviors for Jadis the whole time to no avail. He showed Jadis his photos to try and convince her to join his team, and she told him to talk to her sculpting hand.

Jadis’ lackeys took Rick prisoner, leaving the women in charge back at camp.

The Widow

Maggie Rhee assumed the leadership of Hilltop, and former major Gregory finally got his comeuppance. It’s extremely satisfying to watch him whimper as the widow queen took control of the colony he almost destroyed.

Maggie’s decision to put Gregory in the same pen as the Saviors was satisfying, but her uterus was the talk of Twitter. Where’s her baby bump?

Meanwhile, Nostalgia

The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6 also reminded fans aboutcommunity. To maintain a safe circle of trust during the zombie apocalypse, three questions are asked. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard them, but Carl Grimes puts his dad’s tradition to good use when he met Siddiq, and fans approve.

Carol’s Maternal Instincts

In the spirit of nostalgia, fans are reminded why children should never, ever approach Carol Peletier, unless they’re willing to accept the consequences of survival.

No, You’re Crying

Carol mentions Sophia, her daughter who died early on during the outbreak, and now we’re all calling our moms to say “I love you.”


During a mission with Michonne, Rosita Espinosa reminded everyone why it’s never a good idea to doubt a woman’s strength, especially when she’s holding a rocket launcher in the middle of all out war. Rosita is every woman, we are all Rosita, don’t call us “baby girl,” and yes we’re really going to “use that thing.”

Vengeance Is Sleeping

Speaking of not f-ing with badass women, Tara doesn’t trust Dwight, hates Negan, and wants revenge. Dwight killed her girlfriend Denise, and the Saviors are going to pay. Tara is a woman on a mission, and she doesn’t have to twist Daryl’s arm to enlist his help.

From the first scene with a nearly naked female body to it’s final moment, The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6 belongs to women everywhere who have been doubted or mistreated, and the Internet is grateful.

What do you think? Will Alexandria and the Hilltop win their war now that women are in charge? Should Carl trust Siddiq now that he’s asked the three questions? Are Tara and Daryl taking revenge to the extreme? Will their obsession with vengeance bring harmony or more war? Let us know what you think @getfandom on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram .

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