‘The Walking Dead’: Eugene’s True Colors Revealed in ‘Time for After’

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SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers from the Season 8, Episode 7 of The Walking Dead, entitled “Time for After.” Proceed with caution.

In the previous episode of The Walking Deadfans got a good look at what the leaders of The Kingdom, Hilltop, and Alexandria were up to — Rick negotiating with the Scavengers, Maggie debating on how to handle prisoners of war, and Ezekiel dealing with the death of his beloved tiger.

The latest episode, “Time for After,” centered of our favorite cowardly traitor Eugene. Not only that, the rogue squad — led by Daryl — commenced their unauthorized attack against the Saviors’ main base Sanctuary.

And as we saw, when Rick’s plans aren’t followed, things fall apart. Here are five shocking moments from “Time for After.”

Dwight vs. Eugene

Eugene realized that Dwight was the traitor a few episodes ago when he noticed the paint splotch on the bag of weapons. Tonight, Eugene confronted him about it. He basically started off by giving him a slap on the wrist telling him to knock it off, but then things got physical when Dwight pushed Eugene down and made it clear to him that all he has to do is “nothing.”

Their confrontation then escalated later in the episode as Dwight stopped Eugene from luring the walkers away with a makeshift RC plane that had an iPod (the one he gave Sasha) tied to it. Dwight had a gun locked on Eugene and tried to understand why he would betray his friends. Eugene corrected Dwight by saying they were just “traveling companions” and nothing more. Instead of shooting Eugene (who was crying like a baby), Dwight shot down the RC plane instead.

Father Gabriel Isn’t Looking So Good

At the end of the “The Big Scary U,” fans learned Brother Gabriel was in pretty shape after he and Negan escaped the little predicament they were in. Eugene was the one who discovered the ailing priest and rushed him to Doctor Carson to take a look at him.

During this episode, Carson informed Eugene how his former “traveling companion” was faring. From the looks of things, Gabriel was deteriorating and bleeding for some unknown reasons. Despite his condition, Gabriel again plead with Eugene to save Doctor Carson (so he could assist with Maggie’s pregnancy), saying, “All I want is for you to do the right thing.”

What exactly will happen to Father Gabriel? It was unclear after the last episode if he was bitten or dying from some other cause (perhaps the chemicals found near Sanctuary)? Hopefully he makes it through this ordeal okay, but we don’t know if he’ll make it past next week’s midseason finale.

Rogue Squad Makes Their Move

Darly’s team, which we have dubbed rogue squad, started off as comprised of Daryl (obviously), Tara, Rosita, and Michonne. Morgan joined up with them as well bringing with him a handful of snipers as well. After hearing the plan, Rosita didn’t like where it was going and decided not to go along with it, saying that Sasha wouldn’t want this.

Later, Michonne also bailed, telling Daryl that “it’s not worth risking us” which he responded, “It is for me.” Daryl has been hotheaded all season and even fought with Rick, and he was determined to see the plan through.

The rogue squad carried out their plan with Daryl smashing the entrance of Sanctuary open with a truck and letting the large herd of walkers in to feast on the Saviors. Though the success of said plan is still a mystery at this point, as well as its dangerous repercussions.

Eugene Turns Full Savior

Eugene had to fight throughout this entire episode of what side he should be on and what kind of person he should become. After the confrontation with Dwight and the talk he had with Father Gabriel, he became even more confused whether or not he truly was a Savior.

Later on, Eugene had a one-on-one with Negan which had the Savior leader calling Eugene his right-hand man. Negan also reached out to shake Eugene’s hand (which Eugene actually kissed) to show that he respected Eugene.

Earning Negan’s favor and watching the rogue squad attack on Sanctuary convinced Eugene to finally pick one side: the Saviors. Who knows how long Eugene will last after committing himself to the enemies side and fully betraying the people he referred to as his “traveling companions.”

Rick Strikes a Deal With Jadis

Rick tried to convince the Scavengers to join his side or die, and he proved he wasn’t messing around.

Despite literally having his hands tied, Rick turned the tables on Jadis (and her unhealthy obsession with him), ripping off a walker head and thrusting it’s still chomping mouth in his creepy captor’s face.

Rick intimidate Jadis into accepting his deal and only receiving a fourth of the Savior supplies after the war is over, which Jadis reluctantly agreed to. Will this partnership last, however? The Scavengers are shady people and they may stab Rick in the back again if the opportunity arises.

Rick then headed to Sanctuary with his new Scavenger allies and learned his plan didn’t quite work out. This development will bring new fire between Rick and Daryl, but could it be enough to break their trust completely? Speaking of Daryl, are we even sure he’s in one piece after the attack?

Fans will find out what happen in next week’s midseason finale of The Walking Dead.

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