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Sony Is Planning a ‘Venom’ Movie

Once again Sony plans to give Spider-Man villain Venom his very own movie. However, it seems Spidey won’t be a part of it.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach will produce Venom for Sony, with up-and-coming screenwriter Dante Harper tapped to pen the script. No word on who will star, who will direct or when the film will shoot but in the modern age of superhero films, you can bet this thing will be moving full steam ahead soon.

It’s important to note that Sony plans for Venom to be an independent franchise with no connection to the upcoming Spider-Man films starring Tom Holland. So don’t expect to see Venom doing battle with Peter Parker or any of The Avengers any time soon.

Venom (1)

For those who don’t know, Venom is one of Spider-Man’s biggest villains. Created by combining an alien symbiote with a human, Venom is like the anti-Spider-Man. He looks like him in some ways but he’s bigger and much, much badder. Originally paired with Eddie Brock, Venom is now currently something of a good guy. He’s fused with Flash Thompson and a member of the new Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s unknown if Venom will be a full-on bad guy or semi-good guy in the movie.

We all remember Venom’s appearance in Spider-Man 3, portrayed by Topher Grace. Fans didn’t react well to that adaptation of the character, mostly because of his lack of screen time. There was talk of giving Venom his own film back then but those plans quickly faded after the tepid reaction. Many people are still clamoring for a big screen take on the beloved bad guy. Will this be the version they’ve been waiting for? Time will tell.

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