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The Original Battlestar Galactica Movie Is Back in Production

Battlestar Galactica is quite the epic. Back in 1978, the original series ran for only 21 episodes and has since developed a diehard fanbase of loyal followers. Before the show was reimagined in 2003, there had been plans to do a feature length follow up. This would have given Galactica the opportunity to continue the story praised by many as one of the greatest Science Fiction programs ever produced for television.

Today we have some fantastic news for original BSG fans. According to our friends at The Tracking Board, the movie adaptation of Glen A. Larson’s futuristic fable is back in development. Michael De Luca is now attached to produce the film, and we are definitely excited since he has been quoted to be a “Battlestar Galactica fanatic.”

The new movie will reportedly have nothing to do with the 2003 reboot. Some of the notable differences between the two versions dealt with main characters and their motivations, and of course the Cylons themselves. Battlestar Galactica made a huge impact on Science Fiction fans when the SyFy series hit, but the last two seasons and controversial final episode divided fans and left some viewers underwhelmed.

Since Star Wars¬†fever is in full force and Star Trek is more popular than ever, this is a good time for dedicated filmmakers to tackle classic properties again. Even Bryan Singer is bringing his Bad Hat Harry company on board to executive produce. With Universal Pictures helming the project along with the powers behind the X-Men franchise and such Oscar nominated films as The Social Network, Captain Phillips and Moneyball, this looks like it’s gonna be big. Battlestar Galactica is back!

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