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The Origin and Memes of TR-8R

Everyone’s favorite stormtrooper got a little more attention today when the fine folks behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens revealed new information about the character’s origin.

Dubbed by fans as TR-8R for his iconic slur hurled at Finn in The Force Awakens, his actual designation is FN-2199, or Nines to his friends in the First Order. According to Greg Rucka’s anthology Before the Awakening, the riot control trooper trained with Finn and likely considered him a friend. You can see then why he might be offended by his previous ally’s treacherous behavior, even going so far as to attack him with a Z6 electrified baton.

FN-2199 might be a villain in the Star Wars universe, but he remains loved by the Internet. This one character has spawned a crazy amount of choice memes. Check out some of the best below and learn more about FN-2199 on Wookiepedia.

Choice Memes

The Spins
Guess Who
<a href=""></a> Guess Who
Spongebob Troopers
TR-8R Dance


 to a Traitor
Passing Notes

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