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‘The Last of Us Part II’ Revealed For PS4, What’s Going On?

Back in 2013, The Last of Us was one of the most celebrated games of the year. The story of Joel and Ellie’s harrowing travel across America captivated gamers worldwide. The campaign certainly had some finality to it, but things don’t appear to be as over as they seem. At today’s PlayStation Experience, Sony and Naughty Dog showcased The Last of Us Part II reveal. Take your first look.

Wow, that was some trailer. A mix of blood, mystery, and pathos, as Ellie strums on a guitar, while surrounded by dead bodies. But what's implied about the story in The Last of Us Part II reveal? Beyond the developers confirming Ellie is the main character, we know so little. But let's deconstruct this moment by moment.

Remember The Fireflies?

The Last of Us Part II Reveal PlayStation Ellie Fireflies

If you recall the first game, The Fireflies are searching out a cure to the disease that has destroyed the world. The militia trained Ellie but was also out to use her to find a cure. The first game ended with Joel massacring many militia members in their base, including their leader, Marlene. Now, some time later, it looks like we're visiting another of their strongholds, but things arent's going well.

Ellie's Gotten Older (And More Musical)

The Last of Us Part II Reveal PlayStation Ellie

Once we're in the house, a struggle seems to have just ended. An older, though perhaps not adult, Ellie is still bleeding from wounds in a battle she clearly won. She's strumming a guitar and singing a song about not fearing the world she's grown to know. This is showing more maturity on Ellie's part. Though all the bodies also show that she's become a much more skilled killer.

Joel Isn't Entirely Onboard With Ellie's Revenge

The Last of Us Part II Reveal PlayStation Ellie Joel

We don't get a full face shot of Joel when he arrives, and even he seems a little surprised at the carnage before him. When he wonders if she's going to go through with her plan. Ellie proclaims she's going to find and kill every last one of them. But who is "them"?

Our Lies Find Us Out

The Last of Us Part II Reveal PlayStation Ellie

At the close of The Last of Us Part II reveal, we're left guessing when this PlayStation 4 game will be released. I don't have an answer to that, but I do think I know Ellie's motive. The Last of Us ended with Joel lying to Ellie about killing all the Fireflies. Perhaps, based on that lie, Ellie is out to destroy the entire organization?

Who knows when we'll get our next update on the game -- maybe E3 2017? Until then, let's just reflect on how great it is that we're returning to the dark, dangerous world of The Last of Us.

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