The International 6: Best Game of Day 3

Nico Faraguna

Last night’s game has been touted by some as the greatest game of Dota 2 ever. I’m not so sure I’d quite go that far, but I am definitely aboard the hype train. This match was easily the best game from the International 6 so far.

In a 70+ minute slugfest that averaged a kill per minute, game 1 of the American Evil Genius squad vs the historic Chinese EHOME team featured more twists and turns than all of M. Night Shyamalan’s films combined. A fellow fan shares his thoughts:

At one point, Evil Geniuses faced a massive 20k+ gold deficit, putting them at such a disadvantage that the odds of winning the match would be somewhere in the 99th percentile.

Even so, EG managed to somehow pull out a victory after having their base demolished. All of their barracks were destroyed and it was only a matter of time until their base succumbed. With only one viable option left, they gathered on the middle lane and marched towards EHOME’s base in hopes that they could kill their key heroes and take down their throne — and that’s exactly what they did.

The crowd was in an absolute uproar, chants of “USA! USA! USA!” echoing throughout Seattle’s Key Arena as though EG had won the championship all over again. However, this was only the first game of the series and EG still had to win another game to advance to the upper bracket finals.

With so much momentum on their side and EHOME’s confidence crushed, game two was a boring affair in contrast to game one and EG took it with little effort in a more modest 30 minutes.

By winning the series, EG secured themselves a top 3 finish at The International for the third straight year. It’s time we start talking about a dynasty.

Stay tuned for more Dota coverage on and be sure to watch the grand finals this Saturday at 1:30 PST.

Nico Faraguna
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