‘The Gifted’ Star Natalie Alyn Lind Gives Exclusive Details on Her Mutant Powers

Lawrence Yee
TV Marvel
TV Marvel Comic-Con

The Gifted is one of the most highly anticipated shows of the fall, and FANDOM caught up with lead Natalie Alyn Lind at Comic-Con to talk about Marvel’s newest mutant show.

While characters like Blink and Polaris are well known to X-Men fans, Lind plays a brand new character — a teen named Lauren Strucker. Lauren has the ability to create and manipulate force fields, but getting the look and feel of them down was a challenge for the actress and the crew.

“I can collect air and matter and make these shields that can pick things up, cut through things, and block.”

“My power was the hardest to figure out. You don’t want to look like Bubble Girl,” Lind joked. “When you think of a shield, you think of a plain shield that stops thing. In our mind, it’s like, ‘Is that what it would actually be?’ It went through 15 different prototypes.”

While the manifestation of Lauren powers are the work of the talented visual effects artists, it took some practice for Lind

“It’s a very strange feeling having powers,” she explained. “I was the first character that we used. I was the first scene we shot in the pilot. We all sat down and were like, ‘Okay, what does a power look like?’ And you kinda feel ridiculous doing it, but it’s really cool.”

Luckily, the cast worked with someone very familiar with bringing powers to the screen. “Bryan Singer, who is the director of many of the X-Men movies, is the director of our pilot. He has this eye that is just incredible.”

The series premiere of The Gifted will air October 2, 2017.

Check out Lauren’s powers put to use in the new Comic Con trailer for the show. We can’t wait for The Gifted to air this fall!

Lawrence Yee
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