The Seven Best Reactions of Kids Getting Video Games as Gifts

One of the things I miss about being a kid is the pure, unadulterated joy of opening a present and finding inside the very thing you’ve been dreaming about for months. Do you remember that feeling? There’s this magical, amazing thing. You see it on TV; you see your friends with it. You want it so, so badly; but there is literally no way you can buy this thing yourself. Then the holidays come along, and poof. Suddenly the thing is yours!

Maybe you were so happy in that moment that you screamed, or began shaking uncontrollably. Maybe you started crying and couldn’t stop. And maybe your parents recorded your reaction and posted it to YouTube… like what happened to these poor kids.

This kid gets bonus points for his little touchdown celebration after opening an Xbox One gift (“Thank you, Saint Nicholas!”).


These siblings built a PC for their gamer sister and stuffed it full of Steam games. They even crafted a sweet letter for her to read (Praise GabeN!).


This boy is so thunderstruck to receive Minecraft that he doesn’t even think to open his other present… the Xbox 360 he’ll need to play it on!


I think this is probably the most excited anyone has ever gotten for a Hamtaro game.


This kid’s reaction to getting a PS4 is pretty much identical to how myotonic goats react to surprises.


This poor kid’s initial look of complete and utter confusion when he finds books in his PS4 box is priceless. (And don’t worry, his parents did give him the PS4 in the end).


And, of course, no list of kids opening game gifts is complete without “N64 Kid.”

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