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With Dragon Ball FighterZ  nearly upon us you’re going to want the most powerful characters you can have in your corner. So who are the most powerful warriors in Dragon Ball? Well, bearing in mind that the top tier fighters are so powerful they don’t register on the old power level system (sorry scouter fans) we opted to use the trusty anime as our guide. So, without further ado, here are the 5 most powerful characters you can pick in Dragon Ball FighterZ.


Thanks to his seemingly never-ending desire to fight someone stronger and better himself as a fighter, good old Goku has always remained one of the most powerful warriors in Dragon Ball. It also helps he has a genetic trait and a gentle spirit that enables him to transform into a God, which is admittedly pretty handy.

Thankfully for those looking to pick up FighterZ, Super’s latest powerup has made it into the game. The Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan is not only a handful to say, but it also looks pretty epic to use while handing out a beat down in FighterZ. Goku’s main strength is how well balanced he is as a character, making him easy to pick up for new players.

He also looks to have a good range on him too, with his moveset boasting a surprising variety of kamehamehas which can be used to help him out of many tricky situations. Definitely one of FighterZ most well-balanced characters.


Always pushing himself to surpass Goku has meant Vegeta is never too far behind Dragon Ball’s ramen-loving mascot. As fans of Super will know, Vegeta being able to achieve SSGSS himself without the help of other characters shows that the Saiyan Prince still has what it takes to challenge the best.

Just like Goku, his moveset in FighterZ lends itself pretty well to beginners. Unlike Goku, however, everyone’s favourite anti-hero works better when he’s up close and personal. Vegeta is a character that can close distance quickly and deal a lot of damage with close up attacks.

As you’d expect, his SSGSS mode makes him even more aggressive; allowing him to break through guards at the expense of his own defensive moves. If you’re all about aggressive close range flurries, Vegeta looks to be your guy.


As fans will know, the cat-like Beerus is a god. But just in case that wasn’t enough of an advantage, he’s the god of destruction, giving him a teeny bit of an advantage when it comes to.. well, destroying things. Tasked with maintaining balance in the universe, he once destroyed half a planet with his fingernail because he disapproved of their food.

While that may make him a terrible house guest, Beerus is still a great character for controlling a match, and particularly dominating the actual space of the battlefield in a match. His moveset is also a far cry from the Saiyans’.  Beerus uses energy orbs that track the opposition, which can explode on contact or be batted back across the screen.

If you get good with Beerus, you’ll have the opposition always on the back foot as you decide whether to pummel them or thwack an exploding ball at them. While hard to get to grips with initially, from our early time with the game, it’s looking like Beerus is character that everyone should have on their team.

Goku Black

This character is so evil and powerful he had to be removed from existence by Beerus, of all people. His real name is Zamasu, and in an alternate timeline, he took Goku’s body in order to wipe-out the Saiyan race and humanity with them.

Thanks to his dark past, players that pick Goku Black will get some interesting new moves to play with. In a cool touch, Zamasu’s original body actually shows up to help Goku Black during some special moves. One, in particular, has him holding the opponent while Goku Black blasts them with a Kamehameha, making this an unblockable move.

Combining unblockable moves with his teleportation abilities makes Goku Black a character that’s all about setting up those sweet, sweet combos. So while he may not be the easiest to learn initially, with some practice you’ll be juggling enemies on your fists in no time.


Hit is an assassin from another universe that kills targets in one punch, can manipulate time and is as powerful as Goku. Unsurprisingly then, this impressive resume means that Hit comfortably slots into our top 5. As you’d expect, Hit’s ability to skip forward in time makes it nearly impossible to stop his attacks.

If that wasn’t terrifying enough, Hit can also use his fingers to focus on the pressure points of his opponents to deal maximum damage. While the other characters on this list largely focus on offensive strategies, Hit is very much a counter-attacking character due to his ability to cover the whole screen in a blink at the same time as launching an attack.

This means that a lot of his moves rely on players being able to read their opponents attack, which makes him a very hard and extremely technical character to learn. If done right though, players will be able to use Hit to flit across the screen, dealing damage while having a counter attack ready just in case.

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