The 10 Most Unique Minecraft Mods

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Minecraft Games

Minecraft is well known for its modding community, and it’s consistently surprised the games industry with how much mileage fans have gotten out of mods in the half a decade the game launched. The seemingly endless variety of Minecraft mods certainly factored into the $2.5 billion Microsoft paid to acquire developer Mojang.

Here are 10 of the most unique mods out there today:

Equivalent Exchange 3


Equivalent Exchange 3 is the new version of the classic mod that had most server hosts cringing from how overpowered it was. The basic premise of the mod is that certain items are worth certain amounts and the cost should be exchangeable. If one diamond is worth 1,000 cobblestone, it can be converted to 1,000 cobblestone. The concept can be abused, however, because with the right setup, cobblestone is both basically free and abundant.

The second version and this third version addressed that abuse, but the mod still has a certain notoriety.

Minefactory Reloaded


Minefactory Reloaded is pretty interesting, with various new pourable liquids like mushroom soup, sewage, sludge, milk, and chocolate milk. It even includes a straw to let you drink all these liquids. Other unique things to be found in this mod are potato cannons, needle guns, and syringes that can be filled to do various things like heal, cure zombism, cause zombism, or enlarge slimes.

On the subject of slimes, this mod adds a unique new slime mob, based on the real-world substance “pink slime” in ground meat that caused a media uproar in 2012. Making the pink slime mob is pretty much the same as it is in real life: slaughter a bunch of cows through machinery added by the mod, and over time you will have enough for a bucket of pink slime. Once you have that bucket of pink slime, dump it out and the pink slime mob will spawn in moments.

Also acquired in this manner is plain old “meat slurry,” which can also be gathered in buckets as a liquid or solidified into blocks and cooked — yum!



Millenaire is an real-time strategy mod from ages ago that still gets regular updates. It was pretty unique back then, since it added villagers to Minecraft back before vanilla Minecraft had villagers.

The story behind Millenaire is that entire villages from the 11th century were mysteriously being brought to Minecraft — just like how Steve, the main character of Minecraft, got there. Once in this new world of Minecraft, the villagers spread and grow with the player’s help, much like any RTS mod, except that the mod also grants unique tools and equipment to the player. Once the player has leveled up a town enough that the townspeople “likes” them, story quests become available which detail each culture’s surroundings and ponder the reason for their displacement.

Millenaire is fortunate enough to be customizable too: Some great add-on mods out there allow for marriage and even additional cultures to the game.



OpenBlocks is a pretty unique mod in that it has no real theme. It’s just a bunch of random additions to Minecraft that wind up working to great effect. It’s also an open-source mod, which allows for notable additions, like a glider that lets you safely and quickly glide across distances, or a building guide that projects an image of various shapes set to customizable sizes in order to easily plan out massive domes or complex structures. There’s even a living chest that runs around following you, eating all of the items splayed out across the ground.

This mod has many more unique additions to make your Minecraft world more fun!



Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn, and cauldron bubble!

For those of you interested in all manners of witchery, Witchery is the mod for you. This mod uses witchery influences from Harry Potter to The Wizard of Oz, as well as classic witchery notions from Shakespeare himself, to make for a fun and unique witching experience that’ll eat up a lot of time. Even when you grow tired of spell casting, ritual performing, necromancing, and brew concocting, you can try out leveling up in the vampire or werewolf levels. You can even go the witch hunter route, don some fine anti-magic garb, and hunt down witches!

Professor Flaxbeard’s Wondrous Steam Power


Professor Flaxbeard’s Wondrous Steam Power mod is more than just a mouthful to say; it’s also a brass experience complemented with steam. Steam is the power source here and brass is the everything else. Steam is used to cook as well as to power machines to do things like create ravines or even repair armor. Steam-powered jetpacks and various projectile weapons like a blunderbuss or flintlock revolver are also available with this unique mod.



Minecraft‘s Earth is boring. Why not travel in space?!

With Galacticraft, you can craft rockets and visit the moon or planets like Mars, or even build your own space station. Once you’re on these galactic bodies, though, you’ll find that you are definitely not alone, as there are evolved versions of the normal mobs and even boss versions of them that guard secret plans for things like better rockets or moon buggies.

Various add-ons have been created to include additional planets, but Galacticraft’s mod author has implied that he wants to create official Galacticraft versions of these planets made themselves in the future.

Aura Cascade


Are you skilled in math and want to get tons of headaches? Then Aura Cascade is the mod for you!

This mod lets you use various power-creating machines in wacky ways, like firing arrows at them or feeding them cake, in order to create power. That power can then be used for enchanting, or for the creation of fairies whose potion effects never end! (One could argue, though, that the specialized enchantments for tools and whatnot are the best part of the mod, because with enough power you can really make some nice gear.)

Mob Talker 2


The Mob Talker 2 Mod is a very unique mod, as it lets you craft a sort of microphone that allows you to talk to mobs. That in and of itself isn’t a crazy notion, but when you talk to mobs, it’s revealed that they are anime girls. What they say to you is customizable, so you can affect how they react to you however you want. You can even build it like a dating sim and do things like convince a creeper to date you.

Mob Talker 2 has gone through several different mod authors over the years, but the basic premise is still the same, and it is still very unique.



Ever wanted a clone of yourself that you can transfer your conscience into from anywhere in the world? How about powering it by forcing pigs to run on treadmills?

If you said yes to either of those questions, then Sync is the mod for you. Sync was originally made for a quick modding contest called Modjam, and in it, you clone yourself and leave bodies around in various locations for quick travel between the clone bodies. The more pigs running on treadmills powering your cloning vats, the faster the clones will get 3D printed!

The world of Minecraft is certainly the place where dreams come true.

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