10 Times Chanel Oberlin Gave Us Life on ‘Scream Queens’

TV Horror
TV Horror

Ryan Murphy is having one hell of a year. His drama American Crime Story swept the Emmys. His horror anthology American Horror Story is back for its sixth installment, and tonight, the season 2 premiere of his campy Scream Queens returns. At last, America can now rest knowing Chanel Oberlin will be hurling insults at them from the comfort of their own television screens.

Chanel Oberlin, for those who have not been acquainted, is a Blonde Alpha Bitch who comes from a very long line of Blonde Alpha Bitches. This trope has given us Heather Chandler. It gave us Regina George. More regrettably, it gave Mandy Moore a chance to shed her “good girl” image in the early Aughts. The BABs perfect skin, quick wit, and penchant for matching co-ords lives on in Oberlin, despite being chased by a crazy axe-wielding murderer in a Red Devil costume.

We’ve rounded up our ten favorite Chanel Oberlin moments to get you excited for the season 2 premiere of Scream Queens.

When she was just speaking her truth.


When she made the understatement of the century.


When she traded cotton balls for pizza in the name of feminism.


When her complete honesty made it hard for us to hate her.


Again, complete honesty.


When she was #thatgirl at Starbucks.


When she added puns to her insults.


This insult isn’t as punny, but it still works.


When her minions tried to kill her.


And finally, when she dressed as Jackie O for Halloween.

Therese is a staff contributor at Fandom.
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