The Ten Most Loved and Hated ‘Fire Emblem: Fates’ Characters

Doug Trein

Fire Emblem: Fates features a diverse cast of characters across two major versions, Conquest and Birthright. Many players tend to quickly pick their favorite units based on their designs, personality, support conversations, and effectiveness in battle. No doubt character popularity plays a factor in which characters we might see more of in future installments.

Which characters are beloved by players around the world and which characters get flak? Opinions can vary, but here is our take on the most loved and hated characters in Fire Emblem: Fates.

Most Loved Fire Emblem: Fates Characters



Leo (or Leon in the Japanese version) is a major character in the Conquest route and is the second youngest child of the Nohr royal family. Leo’s personality is defined by his intense love for his siblings, including the Avatar. Leo excels at magic and wields the tome, Brynhildr. He is extremely smart and gifted in battle, and is shown to be calm and collected under pressure.



Kaden (Nishiki in the Japanese version) is a playable character in the Birthright route. He succeeded his father as the leader of the Kitsune clan and is responsible for ruling his people. His personality is very playful and mischievous, though he can be serious when the situation calls for it. Kaden is extremely mindful of his debts. Even if someone only performed a small favor for him, he goes out of his way to make sure he repays them. Kaden is quite proud of his fur, and loves to show it off to everyone he meets.



Camilla is a major character in the Conquest route and is the second eldest child of the Nohr royal family. Due to events she witnessed in her childhood, she’s bonded very well with her younger siblings, caring for them and generally acting as the maternal figure who was largely absent in their lives. When the safety of her family is threatened, she shows her fangs and kill any enemies. Despite her tendency to be bloodthirsty she will show mercy to her enemies, a trait lost on her father, the main antagonist King Garon.



Ryoma is a major character in the Birthright route and is the eldest child of the Hoshido royal family. He is an extremely skilled tactician and a powerful warrior. He exudes a constant aura of charisma and wisdom that bring a sense of comfort and confidence in those who serve and fight alongside him. Ryoma is an extremely skilled leader, and his sense of insight and intelligence make him one of the more likable characters in Fates.



Arthur (Harold in the Japanese version) is a playable character in the Conquest route. He serves as a constant source of laughs due to his horrible luck. Despite this, he has his limitless optimism and confidence. Many of his support conversations with other characters result in his good intentions coming off incorrectly due to his poor luck. He has a close relationship with Azura, who he stood up for when she was being bullied as a child.

Most Hated Fire Emblem: Fates Characters



King Garon is the primary antagonist in both the Birthright and Conquest routes of Fire Emblem: Fates. Like most major villains, he is portrayed as ruthless, mean, and cold-hearted. He shows no mercy for anyone who does not please him or dares to defy him. Garon has no problem with slaughtering innocents, and frequently puts the Avatar through difficult tasks to “prove his trust.” A major villain shouldn’t ever be likable, but should have some redeeming qualities or motives so that the audience can identify with why they do things, despite being opposed to their methods.  Garon has none of these, and as such just comes off as a bad character.



Jakob (Joker in the Japanese version, which is a totally awesome name they should have stuck with) is a devoted butler who serves the Avatar in both the Hoshido and Nohr routes. Despite his undying loyalty towards the Avatar, he can treat other members of the army more rudely. He can be rather unfriendly, and tends to speak in an overly harsh or blunt manner. Sometimes, he even makes fun of others, as shown in his support conversations with Silas. Perhaps his worst quality, though, is the terrible way he treats his son, Dwyer.



Felicia is the personal maid of the Avatar and is available as an ally in both Conquest and Birthright routes. Her personality is defined by being constantly aloof. She is clumsy and easily prone to mistakes and is often embarrassed for simple slip-ups. She has a strong connection to the Avatar, but her overwhelming devotion to him doesn’t make her more than a simple maid. Luckily, despite her clumsy tendencies, Felicia is a skilled fighter in battle, so she isn’t all bad.



Peri (or Pieri in the Japanese version) is an ally on the Conquest and Revelation routes. She is a daughter of a noble family in Nohr and a subordinate to Prince Xander. She acts mostly like a spoiled child and has childish enthusiasm, especially in terms of causing bloodshed. She has sudden — sometimes random — impulses to kill people. Her edgy personality is a bit hard to stomach, and seeing her constantly scare other party members gets old quick.



Takumi is an ally on the Birthright route and is the third child of the Hoshido royal family. Takumi is constantly moody and on edge, mostly due to being overshadowed by the talents of his older siblings. Takumi is shown to be mentally weak due his inferiority complex. This flaw is easily exploited by the secondary antagonist, Iago, early on the in the game, causing him to attack his own family. Despite his flaws, his tendency to be cautious and his focus on getting stronger still make him a great ally, if not a likable one.

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