Tyler Posey On ‘Teen Wolf’ Ending, Jethan, and That Kiss With Malia!

Lawrence Yee

Teen Wolf may have recently ended, but we know you fans still have questions about the MTV series. FANDOM caught up with star Tyler Posey at Nissin Cup Noodles’ Noods Before Dark pre-party during New York Comic Con and got answers to some burning fan questions.

Scott and Malia

We had to ask Posey about that steamy, blindness-ending smooch between his character Scott and Shelley Hennig’s Malia.

“It kinda only felt right to end it with her,” Posey explained. “She’s beautiful so it was nice to make out with somebody I love. And she restored my sight … it was really cool how they did that with the CGI eyes. She saved my life!”

When asked how Stiles would feel about Scott ending up with Malia, here’s what he said: “I think he loves it! ‘Nice, my friend is getting with my ex,’ Posey replied with his best Dylan O’Brien impression.

Jethan’s Relationship

One of the most unexpected moments in the final season was when Jackson (Colton Haynes) revealed he was gay and in a relationship with Ethan (Charlie Carver). Both actors came out in 2016.

“It meant a lot to [Haynes] and a lot of the fans that grew up with the show. To bring back a character and reveal that he is gay, it was real life. It’s kinda how real life happens,” Posey explained. “I really respected it and loved that Colton was down for it.”

Tamora Monroe’s Fate

The evil Monroe managed to live and fight another day in the series finale.

“I’m sure a lot of fans are mad that she escaped, but it leaves it open for Teen Wolf to come back and have this nemesis to defeat again. She’s like the new Gerard.”

Teen Wolf’s Future

Although the show just wrapped, Posey can see the cast reuniting sooner rather than later.

“I would love to come back with a TV show. I would love to come back with a movie. Both! I think it would be really cool. I would be all in. I’m so down!” he declared.

So there you have it, Teen Wolf fans, straight from the horse’s wolf’s mouth. Teen Wolf will hopefully be back.

Lawrence Yee
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