Tyler Posey Drops Hints on ‘Teen Wolf’ Series Finale, Calls Ending ‘Bittersweet’

Lawrence Yee
TV Comic-Con
TV Comic-Con

Teen Wolf stars aren’t the only ones emotional about the long-running MTV show ending.

Star Tyler Posey chatted with FANDOM at San Diego Comic-Con shortly after the Teen Wolf panel wrapped and the emotions of his final Comic-Con sunk in.

“It was totally bittersweet. I didn’t expect it to be such heightened emotion … it was really a deep, sweet, passionate panel,” Posey told FANDOM. He’s been the lead on the show for the better part of seven years.

The final 10 episodes of Teen Wolf Season 6 begin airing July 30, and Posey dropped some hints about the series finale.

“I was covered in make-up. I was in the very last shot,” he explained.  “It was me, Shelley [Henning] and Holland [Rolland]. I love those people so much. It was a perfect send-off for me, surrounded with the people I love. I felt like the leader of the show again.”

By his account, it sounds like the characters of Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, and Malia Tate end up together, but we won’t know in what form until the finale.

Will the make-up he’s covered in for his self-described “send-off” be wounds, signaling the death of his character? Fans will have to wait and watch.

Watch Posey’s emotional interview and check out the trailer for the final Season 6 below:

Lawrence Yee
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