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‘Teen Wolf’ Final Season Announced – Fans Lose Their Minds

Teen Wolf Executive Producer Jeff Davis used the world’s biggest pop culture stage to announce the impending end of his show on MTV.

After 7 years and 6 seasons, Teen Wolf will be no more after episode 100. The response from fans was immediate and extreme.

This rending of garments and gnashing of teeth went on for a while on Twitter after Thursday’s announcement. There are early indications of a “Save Our Show” movement forming, but this isn’t a case of MTV cancelling Teen Wolf. The show is simply ending. Davis says they’re going out on their terms at the end of a good run.

teen wolf season 6 sdcc 2016 posey sprayberry rhambo
Tyler Posey, Dylan Sprayberry and Khylin Rhambo during the panel at SDCC 2016

Some fans, while saddened, took a more pragmatic approach to the news.

The first 10 episodes of the last season will involve a Nazi Werewolf who moonlights as a teacher at Beacon Hills High School (I kid you not) and a band of Ghost Riders that will erase you from everybody’s memory if you look at them funny (or at all).

According to the first teaser trailer for Teen Wolf Season 6, Dylan O’Brien’s character Stiles Stilinski will be among those getting erased.

While O’Brien was absent from SDCC due to his ongoing recovery from a serious accident in March, his character will be central to the first half of Teen Wolf Season 6 as his friends struggle to remember him and get him back from the riders.

The new episodes will also mark the return of fan favorite Peter Hale (Ian Bohen) and Season 5 villain Theo (Cody Chrisitan). The show also plans to explore Irish folklore as it relates to Banshee Lydia Martin (Holland Roden).

Teen Wolf Season 6 is set for a fall debut (date still TBA) on MTV.  You can stream the full SDCC 2016 Teen Wolf Panel now.

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