#MyFandom: An Interview with the ‘Teen Wolf’ Community

Sharon Kehoe

#MyFandom is a biweekly Twitter Q&A highlighting Wikia communities and pop culture influencers who love to geek out hard over their favorite fandoms. The latest program showcased our friends at Teen Wolf Wikia.

MTV’s Teen Wolf has been a massive hit for five seasons. With stars like Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, Crystal Reed, Dylan Sprayberry, and Colton Haynes, it’s hard not to get Twitter into a frenzy. But when you have talented, gorgeous people telling a compelling story, you’ve hit the jackpot.

The Teen Wolf fandom has flocked to the Teen Wolf Wikia, boasting 10.1 million visitors in the last year to its community. So how do die hard fans feel about the show coming to an end after Season 6? We talked to Teen Wolf Wikia about this and more.

@getfandom: When did you first fall in love with MTV’s Teen Wolf series?
@TeenWolfWikia: When Scott confronted an upside down Stiles with a bat in the pilot the humor sucked me in!

teen wolf why do you have a bat meme

@getfandom: What is Teen Wolf about and where does it take place?
@TeenWolfWikia: It’s about werewolf bit Scott McCall. Now he and his friends protect Beacon Hills (Northern California) from big bads.

@getfandom: Who are the stars of the show?


@getfandom: How did you become such a prominent figure on the Teen Wolf Wikia?
@TeenWolfWikia: Wikia is a TRAP! Went to find one thing, noticed a mistake, edited it. BAM. Six years later, and I’m still editing Teen Wolf Wikia.

@getfandom: Have you seen the original Teen Wolf? If so, how does it compare with this one?
@TeenWolfWikia: I have. It doesn’t. They kept some names. Everything else, location, dramatic tone is very different.

@getfandom: Are you Team Stydia or Team Stalia?


@getfandom: How do you feel about Tyler Hoechlin starring as Superman on the CW?
@TeenWolfWikia: You’ve seen him in the suit? It’s perfect! I’m sorry his Teen Wolf story is over but I LOVE HIM on @TheCWSupergirl.

tyler hoechlin superman suit

@getfandom: Describe your favorite episode of Teen Wolf using only emojis.


@getfandom: What was your reaction when you heard Season 6 would be the last season?


@getfandom: If you could convince the showrunners in three words to keep Teen Wolf going, what would they be?
@TeenWolfWikia: Spin off Hales.

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Sharon Kehoe
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