‘Teen Wolf’ Evicted from LA Studio

Paul V. Rea

Beacon Hills will look very different when Teen Wolf returns to your TV for Season 6. The production moved into a brand new studio this week after losing their lease on the Northridge, California industrial warehouse they’ve called home since Season 3. Teen Wolf Creator Jeff Davis explains, “Our original stages are being torn down for condos or something.” Davis says they halted production after March 11th to make the move to another set of warehouses nearby.

Much of what we see on screen won’t change. They moved most of the standing sets, the interiors of the hospital, high school and Sheriff’s office, over to the new location but the outside of their new building will be different and that will mean a different look for several familiar locations.


For 4 years the Northridge site at 8400 Balboa Blvd doubled for a number of popular spots in Beacon Hills. The most obvious was the front of the Teen Wolf Business office which is instantly recognizable as the emergency entrance for Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital.


The area behind the soundstage serves as the Beacon Hills Warehouse District and the entrance to Dr. Deaton’s office, Club Sinema and, in a memorable scene in Season 5, as the back of Eichen House.


They also use the area between the office and the warehouse as the outdoor eating area and Bus Corral at Beacon Hills High School.


While these popular locations will not be back, Davis says the new studio offers new opportunities, “It’s allowing us to make some changes to the hospital, build an alley next to the Sheriff’s Station, create an outdoor area for the library and do a few other little things.”

The big move is now complete and production in the new studio will resume shortly.

Despite what you may have heard, MTV has not yet decided when Teen Wolf will return for Season 6.

Paul V. Rea
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