‘Teen Wolf’ Is Ending and the SDCC Crowd Went Nuts

Drew Dietsch
TV Comic-Con
TV Comic-Con

Teen Wolf was something very different for my generation. It was a goofy but sweet little movie with a kid named Michael J. Fox as the lead. MTV’s version, however, took a very different route and captured a whole new generation of fans. And boy, they LOVE this show.

The 'Teen Wolf' fans go crazy for this guy

I’m going to be honest with you: the panel was mostly drowned out by the deafening roars of the fans. So much so that when Dylan O’Brien walked out on stage, the woman directly behind me not only screamed but began to hyperventilate. That kind of intense passion is startling but not in an off-putting way. It’s intense and overpowering which certainly seems to be the same effect this show has on its fans.

As a treat for fans, the panel brought a video that compiled all the characters’ audition tapes and it obviously tugged at the heartstrings for the crowd. The actors felt the same way. Dylan O’Brien said that they have grown up over the course of the show and co-star Tyler Posey couldn’t help but be overcome with emotion at this. He had to fight back tears multiple times throughout the panel. The warmth and love between these actors and filmmakers was so apparent. O’Brien called the show “home.” And the show has been a home for fans for six seasons.

We got a few clips of returning character Derek Hale kicking some ass in a warehouse, and the crowd ate it up. Whether you’re a fan or not, being swept up in the enthusiasm of the Teen Wolf fandom makes it easy to understand the love that these fans feel. The panel was bittersweet with the show’s final season coming out, but don’t doubt the longevity and legacy of Teen Wolf. It has a posse.

The last season kicks off on July 30. If this is a show that makes you scream, cry, and lose your breath, you know you’re going to love this season – even if the moment is bittersweet.

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