‘Teen Wolf’ Actors get into Politics

Most presidential candidates in the United States have what’s known as a PAC (political action committee) that raises money and awareness for the campaign. Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders has a PACK, a bunch of former werewolves who travel around registering voters on his behalf.

Teen Wolf News reported back in March that former Teen Wolf Daniel Sharman was stumping for Bernie across the western US. He was joined this month by Teen Wolf Twins Max and Charlie Carver as well as former vampire Kendrick Sampson (TVD ) at rallies across California. The political monster squad hit college campuses to get students registered to vote and promote Bernie’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Teen Wolf News Daniel Sharman Max Carver Bernie Supporters
Max Carver and Daniel Sharman Voter Registration Event
Teen Wolf News Daniel Sharman Max Carver Bernie Supporter
Kendrick Sampson, Daniel Sharman and Max Carver support Bernie Sanders

Max Carver says he is shocked at the number of young voters who don’t want to vote or feel it’s pointless. He’s trying to help change the way his peers view politics. “We are so connected in a way that humanity has never been before,” he told students, “This is our opportunity. Talk to five friends, make sure they’re registered to vote. It’s your fundamental right.”

One of the reasons there seems to be so much apathy of late among Democrat Party voters is because many feel that the nomination game is rigged. Bernie Sanders keeps winning state contests (20 so far) but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton maintains a huge delegate lead, despite her losses, due to the “superdelegate” system. Under the current party nomination process some democrat’s votes count more than others.

Teen Wolf News Charlie Carver Max Carver Bernie Supporters
Charlie and Max Carver at Bernie Sanders Rally in California

The primary math isn’t damping Carver’s spirits. During a rally celebrating Sanders win in the Oregon state primary he wrote, “Standing here with a diverse group of thousands – we are passionate, we are committed and we all believe in this man’s message #FeelTheBern.”

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