All Tea, All Shade: Our Top 5 Queens to Watch on Season 8 of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

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Hey, squirrel friends! It is time once again to serve the tea on RuPaul’s Drag Race and what is shaping up to be a very shady season! Last week, Mama Ru left us gagging when she asked not just one, but two queens to sashay away after failing to impress during the “Lip Sync for Your Life” elimination challenge, and then calling a mystery queen to rejoin the race. We shared our predictions about who Ru called, and now that we know we correctly identified Naysha as one of the possible returning queens, we feel confident in our predictions for the top 5 queens we think will make it closest to the finish line in this absolutely sickening season of RPDR.

5. Acid Betty

Or, as former Drag Race S6 contestant Milk asked this week, Acid Bully? While Acid Betty‘s charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent are undeniably huge, we can’t help but wonder if this Betty is just too acidic? Our hypothesis: Acid Betty’s chemistry with the judges will take her far this season, but if she doesn’t cool it on her own pH levels, she’ll learn the hard way that there’s a fine line between the art of shade, and just being straight up mean.

4. Thorgy


Although they’re both New York girls, Acid Betty and Thorgy Thor are like Manhattan and Brooklyn — Manhattan’s polished steel may glisten and gleam and catch our eye, but the allure of Brooklyn’s funky, familiar, and approachable style is ultimately too much to resist. Thorgy had us gagging on her jumpsuit eleganza in Episode 2, and we are absolutely in love with her friendly and accessible bridge-and-tunnel disco coolness.

3. Chi Chi Devayne

Chi-Chi Devayne

Yes. ma’am! Miss Chi Chi Devayne is a genuine, down-home Louisiana queen and a self-described thrift store girl who made her debutante debut on this season of RPDR in a trash bag dress (bless her heart), exclaiming “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” Let the good times roll, indeed; and Fandom’s Drag Race Krewe thinks Chi Chi will, too — all the way into the finale, and a top three finalist spot! I do declare, Miss Chi Chi has got us thinking that the South may rise again on Season 8, knowing that Mama Ru herself spent her formative drag years in Athens, Georgia and clearly still has a soft spot for southern girls.

2. Bob The Drag Queen

Bob The Drag Queen

One of the funniest and most original queens of any season in Drag Race herstory is Bob The Drag Queen (not to be confused with Bob the Chiropractor, or Bob the Dentist). Another New York girl and performance artist at heart, Bob is serving us Astoria, Queens realness in contrast to Acid Betty’s Manhattan edginess and Thorgy’s Brooklyn hipster funk. With a penchant for big hair and ever-ready shade, we’re ready to declare Bob the Queen of Queens.

1. Kim Chi

Kim Chi

Kimchi the dish is described as being spicy and slightly sweet — and we can’t think of a better way to describe Miss Kim Chi herself. A Chicago queen originally from Korea, Kim Chi has charmed us with her amazingly creative runway looks, a face that is “beat for the gods” (aka flawless makeup), as well as an innocent sweetness and genuine lovability. Here’s hoping we get to watch RuPaul condragulate Kim Chi as she crosses the Drag Race finish line in the finale later this season!

Feeling flazéda about our predictions? The library is open on @GetFandom — read us for filth, darlings!

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