Talking ‘Game of Thrones’ Time Travel With the Experts

Game of Thrones Comic-Con
Game of Thrones Comic-Con

While drinking Fire + Ice Floats from the FANDOM Fantasy Food Truck, Game of Thrones fans were treated to a panel of theories and speculation for the next two seasons. Experts Spencer Gilbert (Screen Junkies), Brinton Parker (PopSugar), and Jason Marshall (Entertainment Reporter) were on hand to discuss time travel and Bran‘s new superpowers.

Everyone had differing opinions as to if time travel is a “cheap trick” for Game of Thrones. Spencer believes that it is, while Brinton thinks the opposite, but that it made sense to introduce it later on. Jason thinks there’s been a plan for time travel from the beginning. It’s just not the typical style of time travel we’re used to.

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The group seemed to agree that since Bran can’t walk, he gets these time travels powers as a thing “on his own.” They think that he’s always had these powers, he just needed to discover them.

One of the major topics of discussion was Bran using his powers to see the past to see Jon Snow‘s true parentage. Would Bran reveal it to Jon? Jason thought that perhaps Bran can take people with him and prove Jon’s parentage that way. Brinton believes that Sam might put it all together.

Another major theory discussed was how Bran’s powers might affect the Mad King. The panelists were in agreement that the Mad King is mad because Bran whispered in his ear in the past. However, Brinton doesn’t want Bran to be the cause of everything. Some other aspects of the shows were done away with so time travel could be introduced without being lost. But if Bran was the cause of everything, it would rob everyone of their character motivation.

margaery-tyrell-season-6 game of thrones
It's cool, Margaery Tyrell can stay dead thanks

The panelists played a few games at the end of the panel, including the choice of “Who would you bring back?” They were all in agreement that they would bring back Oberyn over Margaery since she needs to die so the Game of Thrones arc can finish.

It seems like there is a theory for every possibility moving forward in the next two seasons, so one is bound to be correct. It’s just a matter of time travel.

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