Take A Look At the New ‘Pete’s Dragon’

Pete’s Dragon is something of a cult classic when it comes to the Disney library. The title is well known but the actual film is fairly minor in the memories of most people. The impressive gimmick of inputting an animated character into a live-action film is certainly noteworthy, but it wasn’t anything groundbreaking. Regardless, the film certainly has its fans and will probably amass some more thanks to a new version headed to theaters. Today’s news offers us our first glimpse at the new CG version of Elliot, the titular dragon friend of protagonist Pete. Check it out:


There’s certainly been a big deviation from the classically reptilian take on the character; it’s pretty clear that this version is more doggy than dragon. For a story about a boy and his invisible protector, it kind of makes perfect sense to really drive home the “boy and his dog” angle of the story by giving Pete a canine makeover. It’s similar to Falkor from The NeverEnding Story, and if you don’t love Falcor then I don’t know if we can stay friends.

Disney is diving headfirst into all these big budget remakes, and this weekend’s The Jungle Book looks to be a strong argument for these endeavors. Will Pete’s Dragon be another feather in Disney’s seemingly unflappable cap? As someone who isn’t nostalgic for the original film, I get a great sense of wonder and boyish awe from this first look. That’s a very good sign.

And how can you not love that snaggletooth?

Pete’s Dragon becomes your best friend on August 12. Stay tuned to Fandom for a new trailer coming soon!

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