Supernatural’s Biggest Plot Holes

Graham Host

While Supernatural explores a world of, well, the supernatural, the show is no stranger to certain inaccuracies and oversights. Other than mistaking inverted crosses as demonic – they actually belong to St. Peter – Supernatural has been amazing. However, here are some of the greatest plot holes that have appeared in Supernatural.

The Colt

Supernatural Colt gun with bullets
The Colt

Samuel Colt’s Colt is supposedly the only weapon that can permanently kill a demon, but there are only a handful of bullets to the gun. Did it never occur to the maker that future generations might need more bullets later on?

It turns out alright in the end. Bobby – with help from the demon Ruby – adapts the Colt to fire regular bullets. After shooting Lucifer in the head – which he survives – the Colt is never heard from again. A weapon that can permanently kill demons at range – why haven’t they gone looking for it?

Men of Letters Abilities

Supernatural Men of Letters Aquarian Star 1958
The Aquarian Star - Symbol of the Men of Letters

Although the brothers currently live in an advanced, magically protected bunker, it wasn’t always so. It was only following their grandfather’s journey through time that they learned of their heritage. Hunters simply hunt and kill supernatural beings.

Men of Letters are researchers of the supernatural and all it can do. With all the notes, books and files the group left behind, why haven’t the demon-blooded Sam or ‘Michael’s Sword’ Dean looked into getting some mojo of their own?

Death Is Temporary

Supernatural Death Holding Sams Soul

Dean dies in the first season – but comes back. Sam dies in the second season – and comes back. Dean dies (again) in season three – but then comes back. We take a break from the dying in season four. But is it really dying if Sam is taken – body and soul – into Lucifer’s Cage in season five? And while Dean did die – to talk to Death – in the season after that, he also became Death for a while.

The list goes on, but I’m sure you’ve got the idea by now. The Winchester brothers have more lives than a cat. Yes, you can say that they aren’t technically dead for some of the time. But who could survive in Purgatory – a place where all the slain monsters end up – for an entire year?

Old Is the New New

Supernatural Alpha Vampire
The Alpha Vampire

Remember back when Castiel first appeared? Nobody had seen an angel in living memory. In a world of ghosts and demons, angels were just a story. But suddenly you had angels, archangels, time-travel and prophets. Then you had Alphas, the first of each monster.

Obviously, we’re not going far enough back. Let’s bring in the Leviathans, the first of God’s creations. Maybe that’s a bit far – let’s dial it back to Cain of Cain and Abel. A little more recent brings in Rowena, mother of King Crowley. Nope, can’t do it. Let’s go allllll the way back to – as it says in the Bible – ‘In the Beginning’ and bring out The Darkness, God’s evil sister.

Angels and Demons

Supernatural Castiel Smites Demon
Castiel smiting a demon

It’s been 11 seasons now. In that time, Sam and Dean have gone up against werewolves, vampires, evolving ghosts, archangels, and Knights of Hell. But in all their travels, the various other religions have only had a minor glance. Much of the series has revolved around the Judeo-Christian ideals. Considering the religion is one of the relatively younger ones, why are the boys constantly tripping over connections to this one idea?

With dozens of other sources to choose from, why haven’t the producers introduced another face to the table? If they really wanted something messy to get involved in, they could start a war to see who rules the supernatural world now that God has moved on. The resulting fallout could easily cover a few seasons.

Graham Host is a member of the Fan Contributor program. In his spare time, he enjoys the works of Terry Pratchett, DC Comics and a wide assortment of video games. Under no circumstances should he be fed after midnight.
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