Why ‘Supernatural’ Is a Different Kind of TV Show


On September 13th 2005, Eric Kripke introduced his new demon-slashing, ghost hunting TV show Supernatural, and people became obsessed with it. Now eleven years later and with the renewal of twelfth season it is still one of the most popular sci-fi/fantasy shows running on television because it is a one of a kind adventure. But what makes it one of a kind?

The story arcs

Despite being in its eleventh season, you would think that the writers of the show would run out of plot lines. But that is not the case and will not be for a long time. We’ve seen Sam and Dean Winchester go through all sorts of hell… each season there is something new and exciting. We have gone from them trying to find their dad in season one, to the introduction of the angels in season four which was a huge turning point for the show. The Winchesters have seen everything; their story has even gone as far as turning one of them into a demon. The point is like many other TV shows Supernatural, still focuses on one main storyline. But since the beginning, the story has constantly shifted and we get to see something new every year.


Characters and relationships

The great thing about Supernatural is that each character is completely different. Sometimes it is difficult to give an individual personality to so many characters. But yet, the writers never disappoint. We have Sam and Dean, which despite being brothers, are different. One is the nerdy aspiring lawyer and the other the tough guy who deep down cares a lot about the things he loves. We have the angels: some are crazy and meddling such as Gabriel. Others are awkward yet scary such as Castiel. Then there are the other characters; the sassy demon Meg, the King of Hell Crowley, Lesbian computer nerd Charlie Bradbury. And who can forget Bobby Singer, a character so caring of the Winchesters that we, in turn, feel like he is our uncle? Each person has an individual characteristic, so more and more people are able to align with them because there is a bit of every personality shown.


The famous car

Yep, that’s the one; you know what car I’m talking about. To quote Chuck in season five “This 1967 Chevy Impala would turn out to be the most important object in pretty much the whole universe”. It is the longest surviving object of the show and has helped the characters in so many ways. It is unique in the fact that nobody has a car that has been through quite as much. It serves as a place where the Winchesters find comfort and a place they can call home. It is so loved that we root for it; Its triumphant return in the season seven finale did this. It even had an episode dedicated to it in season eleven, ‘Baby’, where the whole episode was based in and around this classic car. Pretty sure nothing else has done something quite like this. This car is the heart of the show.

The music

To make it stand out from other shows, Supernatural has that road trip feeling, and this would not be possible without that classic rock soundtrack. Eric Kripke is actually a huge fan of the genre which is why he embedded it into the show. So we have variations of everything; from AC/DC to REO Speedwagon, the music never stops. Then there is the song of all songs, the one we get excited over because we know it will be at the beginning of every season finale; “Carry on Wayward Son” not only summarizes the show every time but it defines it. This song and so many others play an important part in the character’s personalities, making them all the more special.

The fans

Although all the above elements are what makes the show one of kind, nothing quite compares to the fans of the show. For the past eleven years, they have put so much dedication and love into it that they have become one of the most well-known group of fans. There have been hundreds of fanarts, fanfics and cosplays. They have made life size angel wings and have even gone as far as making replicas of the Impala. The fans are such a big part of the show that the 200th episode was dedicated to them. It focused on their importance and how they interpret the story. Also, fun fact: Supernatural was not predicted to last more than two seasons yet here we are. So really, the show would be nothing without the fans.

All in all, Supernatural is an iconic series. There are so many factors that make it different to other TV shows and these things above are some of the most important. There is no doubt that Sam and Dean Winchester’s story will last for a very long time and it will continue to be a unique show with one day, a very unique ending.

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