‘Supernatural’: 10 Characters That Need to Come Back From the Dead

Evie Taylor

After the cliff-hanger of Season 11 last week, whereby Sam and Dean’s mother, Mary Winchester, rose from her grave, there have been celebrations within the Supernatural fandom. This season has been nothing but nostalgic with the return of Lucifer, Kevin and Chuck to add to the list of returnees. Furthermore, Supernatural is renown for bringing back dead characters, if not for real then as ghosts, hallucinations, or flashbacks. But what other deceased characters do we want to see reincarnated once more? Here are my top 10…

John Winchester


So the return of Mary was incredible but John, who is Sam and Dean’s father, also played a large role in the series. He was particularly vital in Seasons 1 and 2 and was a massive inspiration for the brothers. Sam and Dean both took their father’s death badly and subsequently craved revenge, which inevitably led them to more hunting. Even now, the show still references John as he had a big impact on Dean, who replicated his father’s behaviour and outlook out of desire to be appreciated by him. Despite not appearing in the show for years, John still plays a pivotal role in the series.

Death: Season 2, Episode 1 In My Time of Dying”. Killed by the demon Azazel in exchange for Dean’s life.
Last Appearance: Season 11, Episode 4 “Baby”. Impersonated by Lucifer as a young version played by Matt Cohen.

Bobby Singer


Yet another father figure; Sam and Dean embraced fellow hunter Bobby as family after the loss of their own dad. Bobby continued to aid the boys in every way possible until even after his death in Season 7 where he became a ghost and assisted the boys from beyond the grave. He is also one of the only recurring characters to have appeared in every season so far. His hard work and dedication are still being recognized despite being a dead character.

Death: Season 7, Episode 10 “Death’s Door”. Shot in the head by the Leviathan, Dick Roman.
Last Appearance: Season 11, Episode 16 “Safe House”. In a flashback.

Ellen Harvelle


Giving her life to help save the world in Season 5, Ellen watched over Sam and Dean like a mother until the very end. It is also revealed in an alternative reality episode of Season 6 that Ellen, had she not died, would have settled down with none other than Bobby. This woman had huge potential to go on and should be commemorated for her worthy sacrifice.

Death: Season 5, Episode 10 “Abandon All Hope…Blew herself up to kill a pack of Hellhounds.
Last Appearance: Season 6, Episode 17 “My Heart Will Go On”. In an alternative timeline.

Jo Harvelle


Daughter of Ellen and a pretty badass hunter, Jo also perished in her mother’s arms in a bid to support Sam and Dean’s mission to stop the apocalypse. As Dean had a very close bond with Jo and admired her courage and fierceness, he was distraught after her death and was even haunted by guilt in Season 7 as Jo’s ghost was forced to attempt to assassinate him. Despite developing relationships with many other female characters since, I still hold the belief that Dean was meant to be with Jo. Both characters took after their late fathers and became vengeful hunters and there was so much chemistry during their onscreen time together.

Death: Season 5, Episode 10 “Abandon All Hope…” Killed by Hellhound wounds.
Last Appearance: Season 7, Episode 4 “Defending Your Life”. As a summoned ghost.

Kevin Tran


This is a character that everyone agrees deserved better. After being made one of God’s prophets in Season 7, Kevin basically became the Winchester’s researcher and always delivered assistance without fail. He constantly trusted Sam and Dean and this service got him murdered. However, Kevin appeared not to hold a grudge against the brothers and stayed in the veil to be with his mother for two years before Chuck moved his spirit up to Heaven to rest.

Death: Season 9, Episode 9 “Holy TerrorSmited by the angel, Gadreel, under Metatron’s orders.
Last Appearance: Season 11, Episode 21 All in the Family”. As a ghost.

Charlie Bradbury


One of the most fan-favorited characters for her geeky personality, infectious charms, and lovable attitude, fans were outraged by her death in Season 10. Charlie was pivotal in discovering the spell that released Dean from the Mark of Cain, and gave her life so that it could happen. Both Winchesters were devastated to find Charlie’s body but, as he was under the influence of the Mark, Dean was the one who brutally slaughtered the Styne family who were responsible, even those members who had nothing to do with the attack. Dean’s rage here demonstrates Charlie’s impact on the boys and the hope that she gave them to keep fighting the good fight.

Death: Season 10, Episode 21 “Dark Dynasty”. Stabbed multiple times by Eldon Styne.
Last Appearance: As above.

Adam Milligan


The Supernatural elephant in the room is always this; Sam and Dean’s younger half-brother has been trapped in Hell since Season 5 and nobody seems to care. The only other thing to say on this is that, although Adam never really bonded with his brothers, he is still family. Seeing as one of the strongest messages and values of the show is the power of family, Sam and Dean are doing a poor job of living up to their principles.

Death: Season 4, Episode 19 “Jump the Shark”. Eaten by ghouls.
Last Appearance: Season 5, Episode 22 Swan Song”. Possessed by the archangel Michael and dragged to Hell. (This moment was briefly repeated in Season 11, Episode 10 The Devil in the Details” when Lucifer takes Sam through his memories.)



It seems strange how this last season has focused so heavily on pre-biblical history and yet the oldest and most loyal of God’s archangels has not appeared once. There has been so much emphasis on Lucifer that it’s easy to forget that Michael (along with Adam’s vessel) was also trapped in Hell, and is evidently still stuck in Lucifer’s cage with not even God himself seeming to give a crap about rescuing him.

Death: Dragged to Hell in Season 5, Episode 22 “Swan Song”.
Last Appearance: As above.



Yet another loveable angel, Balthazar spotlighted Season 6 as a comic relief and continued to aid Sam and Dean, even when Castiel turned against them. It was this loyalty and desire to do the right thing, that led to his murder at the hands of Castiel. Fans have begged for his return since his death but nothing has been mentioned of him as of yet.

Death: Season 6, Episode 22 “The Man Who Knew Too Much”. Stabbed in the back by Castiel.
Last Appearance: As above.



Funny, powerful, sarcastic, archangel; what’s not to love? Starting out as his undercover alias, The Trickster, Gabriel has popped up many times on the show in one form or another, usually to stir mischief, but is most remembered for his heroic stand-off with his older brother, Lucifer, which ultimately led to his death. Season 9 brought about Gabriel’s return in a hallucinogenic dream created by Metatron to intimidate Castiel, which gave hope to fans that Gabriel was alive. Since then, Chuck has debunked theories of the archangel’s return by confirming that Gabriel is permanently deceased which even he can’t undo.

Death: Season 5, Episode 19 “Hammer of the Gods”. Stabbed by Lucifer.
Last Appearance: Season 9, Episode 18 “Meta Fiction”. In Castiel’s hallucinogenic dream.

So, that’s all folks. What Supernatural characters would you resurrect?

Evie Taylor
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