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‘Supergirl’ Takes Flight at The CW

CBS has sent Supergirl flying to The CW where the series will reside alongside other DC Comics-based shows Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow.

Rumors of the show’s possible network shift have steadily intensified since this season’s well-received crossover episode which established a shared universe between Supergirl and the collective Arrowverse when Barry Allen/The Flash inadvertently traveled Kara’s/Supergirl’s version of Earth.


According to The Wrap, The CW confirmed today that they’re picking up the series for a second season, and that production will reportedly move to Vancouver where the other Arrowverse shows are filmed.

The big concern on the minds of fans is, of course, all about how this will impact the story. Does it simply clear the way for more crossover events, or could there be a more significant change in the cards for Supergirl?

The Kara Zor-El we know currently exists in a universe parallel to Barry Allen and Oliver Queen, but it’s possible she could make a permanent jump to their Earth in order to better align the events of each series. If the writers go that route, what would it mean for her friends — the current Supergirl supporting cast? Could those characters be replaced with doppelgängers from the new Earth?

It’s anyone’s guess, but we’re leaning on the side of keeping Kara in her existing reality, and increasing the frequency of crossovers with the rest of the Arrowverse. Just imagine the fun of watching Diggle and Cisco grapple with the existence of a super-powered extraterrestrial.


Supergirl won’t return until the fall, but we could get a few answers as early as next week. CBS and The CW will make their Upfront presentations to press and advertisers next Wednesday and Thursday, respectively, in which they’re sure to address the change.

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