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Is it a bird? Is it plane? No, it’s not Superman, it’s his cousin. Supergirl has proven herself capable of holding her own against the various menaces that target her home. But with the Myriad in full effect over National City, only J’onn J’onzz and Supergirl are still free. And now Alex Danvers, Kara’s adopted sister, has fallen under the spell and is being forced to fight to the death. Armed with Kryptonite powered armour and a Kryptonite sword, the odds are not in Supergirl’s favour.

Alex Danvers Kryptonite Armor

The season finale of Better Angels opens with the fight that everyone dreams of. Kryptonite powered human against a member of the El family of heroes. First blood is to Non, using Alex to cut Supergirl as she tries to fly away. Kara tries to hold back her sister but the Kryptonite quickly overpowers her and Alex is left the perfect opening to end Supergirl. Moments before the blade can finally fall, J’onn brings Eliza Danvers to try and reach her daughter’s better nature. Their plan works and the Myriad control over Alex is broken. The group retreats to the broadcast studio where Maxwell Lord explains that the Myriad shuts down the human capacity to feel hope. Cat Grant’s plan is to have Supergirl broadcast a message that will reignite the human spirit and break the control Non has over the city.

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Supergirl addresses the populace and reveals that Myriad removes what makes the people individuals. She recounts that when she lost Krypton, she was scared and alone and the people of this new planet gave her the strength that she needed to be who she was meant to be. Telling the people that she will always love and need them, Lord broadcasts her insignia to every screen in the city and they are able to break free. Non is furious over her victory and believes that he has failed Astra’s vision. Indigo quickly convinces him that he should kill the humans and move on to other worlds to conquer.

The next day at CatCo, James and Winn both apologize to Kara but he is remorseful that she was unable to save Kelly from dying even though James tells her that Clark couldn’t have done any better. He also tries to discuss their kiss before Myriad took over but Cat interrupts them for the morning meeting. Back at the damaged DEO headquarters, General Lane comes to visit his daughter and asks after the still comatose Superman. He also places J’onn under guard, despite Lucy’s objections that J’onn helped to save the city. J’onn tells Lucy that he understands where her father is coming from: trying to protect his daughter.

Believing the threat of Myriad to be over, Alex and Supergirl reveal that Jeremiah Danvers is still alive in Cadmus. Eliza finds it difficult to accept but the pair promise to save him just before Lord appears again. Although the DEO believes the danger has passed, Maxwell reveals the Myriad wave has been drastically increased and if left unchecked, every human brain will be destroyed. As Superman is both affected by the Myriad and Kryptonian, it is unclear what would happen to him. Maxwell informs the DEO that only four hours are left before it reaches fatal strength. Kara promises to shut it down but Maxwell quietly tells her that she will be alone and likely not make it back, even if she does stop Myriad. She asks him not to tell Alex what he told her.

In order to remain calm, Kara goes back to CatCo and thanks Winn for always being her friend, from the first day at work to her first day as Supergirl. She also tells Cat that she is extremely thankful for the opportunity that being her assistant has been. In James’ office, she tells him that she doesn’t believe that their moment was meant to happen but wishes he finds someone who appreciates and cares for him as much as she would have. Although he tries to ask why Kara is acting like this, she tells him that she cares for him and flies off to the DEO to talk with J’onn. He knows that James called Lucy and told her Kara was acting different. J’onn encourages her not to give up hope but Supergirl reveals that she has hope but doesn’t know if she will come back alive. She just wants to say the things that she never got the chance to say before Krypton exploded.

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Maxwell reveals that the Myriad is in Fort Rozz. The US Army was unable to move it so they cloaked it with the technology in it and labelled the surrounding area nuclear so that nobody would go there. Despite General Lane’s objections, Lucy orders J’onn freed so that he can help Supergirl. Landing near the Fort, Non and Indigo confront them and reveal that they will be leaving the planet. Only six minutes are left before the Myriad wave kills all everyone.

Indigo takes on the Martian Manhunter whilst Kara battle her uncle. The pair face off with a heat vision battle eerily reminiscent of the duel in the Goblet of Fire. Indigo is distracted by the fight and J’onn tears her in half. Kara then overpowers Non and burns his eyes. Just before she goes offline, Indigo reveals that the Myriad cannot be shut down as the pair can’t get Fort Rozz airborne before everybody dies. With only four minutes left, Kara tells Alex to find Jeremiah and tell her that she never stopped wearing glasses and was grateful for the life he gave her and to be happy. She then proceeds to manually fly Fort Rozz out of the atmosphere and manages to hurl it away but loses conciousness afterwards. Jut before the screen fades to black, her shuttle can be seen coming up behind her with Alex piloting it.

Kara awakens back at the DEO where Alex tells her that she saved the planet and returns the necklace that Kara left with her before going to fight Non. General Lane talks with J’onn and reveals that he has spoken with the president. She has granted J’onn a full pardon and puts him back in control of the DEO. J’onn promises to work without secrets as a cutaway reveals the General giving Maxwell Lord a Kryptonian device used as a power source on Krypton. Later on at CatCo, Kara is talking with Clark via instant messaging but Cat interrupts her by clearing out her desk and leading her to believe that she is going to be fired. Instead of putting Kara in the elevator, the pair walk past and Cat reveals that she is giving Kara her own office and praises her work over the past couple of years.

That evening, Kara hosts a party at he apartment and Eliza has them set a place for the absent Jeremiah. James takes Kara into the next room,saying that he has a special picture of Supergirl for her. It’s a monochrome picture of Kara and they share a kiss. Rejoining the group, they are about to make a toast when an object flames through the sky outside. Flying to investigate, J’onn and Kara find it to be another Kryptonian pod identical to the one that brought Kara to Earth. Similar to how the series started, Kara rips off the lid to look inside and is shocked by the contents.

Better Angels Final Scene

The series ends on this cliffhanger. All that we know is that the pod is Kryptonian and shocks Kara. What’s inside could be anything from Doomsday to Krypto to an entirely new character specially made for the Supergirl show. All I know for sure is that I can barely wait for the next episode and season.

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