‘Super Mario Maker’ Coming to 3DS, Won’t Play in 3D

Henry Gilbert
Games Super Mario
Games Super Mario

Despite coming out in a matter of weeks, gamers haven’t heard much about Super Mario Maker 3DS since its reveal. Now we’ve gotten a small update with the game’s box art which exposes some surprising information. Even though the 3DS is known for its stereoscopic 3D display, Super Mario Maker 3DS is only playable in 2D.


Super Mario Maker 3DS is hardly the first game to be only in 2D on the handheld. Still, having one of the system’s marquee holiday titles sidestep the tech makes one wonder why. Was it a tech issue? Will the two-dimensional sprites not display well in 3D? Hopefully, Nintendo can clarify before the game’s Dec. 2 release.

Original story follows…

Super Mario Maker was one of the most celebrated games of 2015. Millions were designing their Mario courses to challenge, entertain, or make life hell for Wii U owners worldwide. Today, during a Nintendo Direct, came word that we’d be getting Super Mario Maker 3DS on December 2. But there are some changes for the game.

Super Mario Maker for 3DS Image

Super Mario Maker 3DS version has the same ability to create stages using the touch screen and building some of the most challenging stages imaginable to challenge your friends. Nintendo says most of the building features will be included, though not the amiibo support to include guest characters like Sonic or Donkey Kong. And there are immense changes when it comes to online functionality.

Super Mario Maker 3DS Loses Online Features

While you’ll be able to make your own Super Mario Maker 3DS levels, you won’t be able to upload them to the world. You can only share your Super Mario Maker 3DS courses via local wifi and StreetPass. Nintendo says that’s to keep the game something you can share more intimately with your friends, though it could also stem from the 3DS not having as much online functionality as a Wii U.

Not only that but the selection of player made courses will also be limited on Super Mario Maker 3DS. While you will be able to access the many courses that were made for the Wii U in the last year, you can’t download specific ones via their Course ID. Instead, you’ll just be playing the created stages via the 100 Mario Challenge and suggested playlists.

Super Mario Maker 3ds

Some fans of the original are a little disappointed by the loss of features for Super Mario Maker 3DS, while others seem more understanding of the game changing to fit the limitations of a portable. We’ll all be able to see how the game transitions to handheld when Super Mario Maker 3DS hits North American stores December 2.

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