Summer Reading Ideas for Fantasy Fans

Devika Dinesh

While Summer finds many fantasy fans enjoying beaches, swimming, and ice-cream, it’s yet another opportunity for book worms to devour words! Here are a few must-read fantasy books to help you make sure you don’t waste a moment of your vacation.


1. The Mortal Instruments Series

Of course, every fantasy-fan ever must have read this series. It might have been the start of your journey as a fantasy reader. But in case you missed it here’s why you should pick it up.

The Mortal Instruments series follows the story of Clarissa Fray as her seemingly normal life is turned inside out when she starts seeing unnatural, mythical creatures in the heart of Brooklyn. Soon, she learns that there is a band of tattooed warriors protecting the mundane world from demonic forces, and that perhaps she may be a part of them. As she explores a life that was taken away from her, she is drawn to a boy who she can never have.

Cassandra Clare is a queen of plot twists, and this series is no exception. It is a brilliant and engaging young adult series that can definitely be classified as a page turner.

Inheritance Series

2. The Inheritance Cycle tetralogy

The Inheritance Cycle tetralogy (four-book series) tells the story of Eragon who begins as a simple farm boy. At least that’s all he aspired to be before finding a polished stone while hunting. He believes it can buy food for his family for the winter, but it turns out to be more than that. When a dragon hatches for him, his life is turned around overnight and nothing will be the same again. The fate of an entire empire rests on him as he is thrust into a new world of magic, danger and power.

Author Christopher Paolini delivers a masterpiece of a story in this series, capturing the readers with his unique style of narration. It is true that it has many haters criticizing the slow pace and a lack of development of characters, but all I can say is read the book, and judge for yourself!

the selction

3. The Selection Series

When they said, “Do not judge a book by its cover,” they hadn’t seen the Selection Series. Having one of the more beautiful cover pages, this dystopian romance novel has a certain uniqueness about it that makes it just as lovely as the cover page, if not more so.

In Illea, every prince gets a selection: 35 girls from all over the country are selected to participate to try to win a prince’s heart. America Singer, who is one of those girls, doesn’t want a prince and she doesn’t want to be selected. But sometimes love has a way of revealing itself in the least expected of ways.

Kiera Cass has worked magic with this series. If you haven’t already read it, this is a great one to pick up this summer.

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