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Suicide Squad is finally hitting theaters this weekend after what feels like an eternity of marketing. It’s almost hard to believe this is actually happening. I thought the Suicide Squad movie would just be a folk legend I would someday tell my grandchildren about as the 536th teaser trailer was released in the year 2078.

But no, it is happening, and it’s happening within our lifetimes. And if you’re not a hardcore comic book reader (or even if you are), there are a lot of new faces in the cast list that you might not recognize. So we’re here with the DC Database to break down who all of these characters are from the comics. This way you can go into the theater informed and you won’t yelled at for using your phone to look up the wiki during the movie.

Amanda Waller

Amanda Waller Suicide Squad Comics Movie Comparison

Amanda Waller, nicknamed “The Wall” for her famous hardass attitude, is a government bureaucrat who grew up tough in the Chicago projects. When her husband and daughter were both killed, she worked hard as a single mother to put her remaining four kids through college.

Eventually, she made her way through the ranks as a public servant and gathered enough influence to be put in charge of Task Force X. It was Waller’s idea to send imprisoned super-villains on suicide missions, and the President agreed as long as she swore she could control them.

Waller does not let anyone talk down to her or challenge her authority. She’s one of the few people who can make Batman stand down with words alone. Plus, she once pistol-whipped a f&%$ing god in the face.


Captain Boomerang Suicide Squad Comics Movie Comparison

Boomerang is actually known as “Captain Boomerang” in the comics, where he began as an enemy to the Flash. Digger Harkness is a racist, sexist, homophobic, and egotistical Australian scumbag who carries a variety of high-tech boomerangs. Some of them are razor sharp, some of them explode on contact, but all of them are dangerous. His ridiculous gimmick and attire have led a lot of people to underestimate him at their own peril. Digger has proved multiple times that when he’s up against speedsters who aren’t the Flash, he is deadly efficient.

And in case you forget who he is, all of his clothing is conveniently covered in cute li’l boomerang shapes to help you remember.


Deadshot Suicide Squad Comics Movie Comparison

Deadshot began his history in comics as a Batman villain before becoming one of the DCU’s most notorious assassins. Floyd Lawton is a nearly perfect marksman with every type of firearm in existence. It is said that he never misses a shot. Lawton is also known for having intense issues with depression and a famous “death wish.” He wants to die, but he doesn’t want to kill himself: He wants to die in battle against a worthy opponent. This keeps him coming back to the Suicide Squad long after his sentence has been commuted.

Despite this suicidal behavior, he does love his daughter Zoe and sets aside most of his earnings to help support her without endangering her by getting too close. His guns are strapped to his wrists so it is impossible to knock them out of his hands. Plus this frees him up to shoot people while also eating a taco or high-fiving his best buds.

El Diablo

El Diablo Suicide Squad Comics Movie Comparison

El Diablo, civilian name Chato Santana, is a former gang member with the ability to control fire. During a raid on another gang’s safehouse, he attempted to massacre several of his enemies but instead unintentionally killed some women and children after the blaze got out of control. Santana went to prison quietly, believing that he deserved to be punished for his crimes.

I don’t really have a funny quip or image for this guy, as he’s pretty scary. I mean I could write one, but it would just be a bad pun about fire or the phrase “hothead” or something. I respect you too much to do that to you.


Enchantress Suicide Squad Comics Movie Comparison

Enchantress, real name June Moone, has been both a hero and a villain in the comics. Initially, she was a brave young girl who was granted magical powers to fight evil. She would transform into the “Enchantress” persona to fight mystic threats, gaining powers and altering her appearance.

The Enchantress persona was later revealed to be evil. It slowly took over her psyche, giving her a second personality that’s criminally insane.

In the comics, June Moone works with the Suicide Squad because she hopes they will stop her from hurting anyone else. Amanda Waller convinced her to join the team by promising she would help June find a cure for her condition. Deadshot is usually on hand to shoot her in the face if things go wrong though, so safety is the first concern.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Comics Movie Comparison

Harley Quinn debuted as the Joker‘s girlfriend and top henchman on Batman: The Animated Series. She is hopelessly insane, carries a giant mallet, and keeps two hyenas named Bud and Lou as her devoted pets. The character was so popular that she eventually made it to the comics, where she has had several ongoing solo books. Beginning her professional career as

Beginning her professional career as Arkham Asylum psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel, she fell in love with the Joker when he was assigned as her patient. Their relationship is violent and abusive with textbook manipulating behavior, but she continues to be obsessed with him as long as he can make her think he loves her.

The Joker

Joker Suicide Squad Comics Movie Comparison

You don’t need me to explain who the Joker is, do you?


Katana Suicide Squad Comics Movie Comparison

Katana is a newcomer to the Suicide Squad, usually seen as an ally to Batman and a member of the Outsiders in the comics. The movie introduces her as Rick Flag’s bodyguard.

Tatsu Yamashiro is a Japanese woman whose husband and two children were murdered by her jealous brother-in-law. The blade she carries everywhere is the mystical Soultaker Sword, a relic that literally steals and traps the soul of anyone it cuts down. It is the blade that killed her family, so she carries them with her everywhere she goes.

Well, it’s either that elaborate backstory I just said or she’s a random crazy lady who talks to a sword. I personally think it’s fun not knowing.

Killer Croc

Killer Croc Suicide Squd Comics Movie Comparison

Killer Croc is a longtime enemy of Batman and one of the most monstrous members of his rogues’ gallery. Born with a physical deformity that made him appear reptilian, Waylon Jones trained until he could use his mighty strength on the amateur wrestling circuit.

Eventually, he realized that his abilities were more suited to criminal pursuits. To that end, Croc underwent scientific experiments that progressively turned him into more of a monster.

He is known for living in the sewers and eating anything he can get his razor sharp teeth on, human or otherwise. And his personal claim to fame is almost defeating Batman by throwing a rock at him.

Rick Flag

Rick Flag Suicide Squad Comics Movie Comparison

Rick Flag is a soldier and an all-American hero put in charge of leading the Suicide Squad in the field. He is also the only surviving member of the original Squad prior to the super-villain team.

In the comics, Rick Flag is kind of a weirdly dark tragic figure, despite his Boy Scout exterior. His father was a war hero who died sacrificing himself to save others, and Rick has spent his entire life feeling an immense pressure to live up to that legacy.

This determination has made him extremely devoted to the cause, but also emotionally unstable. He hopes that his good influence might rub off on the prisoners under his command, but usually what happens is exactly the opposite. His slow descent into madness is incredibly entertaining if you’re the kind of sicko who’s into that sort of thing — which, of course, I absolutely am.


Slipknot Suicide Squad Comics Movie Comparison

Slipknot is a minor super-villain who was originally introduced as an enemy to Firestorm. Prior to his criminal career, he was a chemist, and he developed a powerful adhesive that let him use his ropes to capture just about anyone no matter how strong they are. His crimes usually involve creative use of ropes and a penchant for hangings.

In the comics, he eventually lost his arm while trying to escape from the Suicide Squad. Captain Boomerang wanted to test whether their explosive bracelets really worked, so he told Slipknot they didn’t work and watched to see what would happen. It was maybe the most hilarious chumping in Suicide Squad history.

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