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Streaming TV shows can help pass the hours as days get longer. Here’s FANDOM’s picks for ten streaming shows worth binging on this fall.


September 1 – Netflix

Narcos is back for a third season with a new protagonist and a new threat. Game of Throne‘s actor Pedro Pascal will step up this season as DEA Agent Javier Peña. In the wake of Escobar’s death last season, the Cali Cartel will now be the main focus of the season. Based on real-life events, Narcos will continue to showcase the war against Colombian drug cartels in the 1980s. Narcos premieres in September and has already been renewed for a fourth season.

Stream Narcos here.

BoJack Horseman

September 8 – Netflix

The show that has everyone talking — BoJack Horseman — is back for a fourth season. Staring the voice talents of Will Arnett, BoJack tells the story of a washed up actor (an anthropomorphic horse) who’s writing his memoirs after a decades of being in Hollywood. Season 4 will take an honest look into BoJack’s struggles with depression. As one Fandom writer put it, “BoJack Horseman tackles mental illness with heartbreaking honesty.” This season will also deal with BoJack’s family, specifically his mother and daughter. Hailed as both hilariously funny and at times dark, BoJack hits Netflix this September.

Stream Bojack Horseman here.

The Mindy Project

September 12 – Hulu, Final Season

For five seasons, Mindy Lahiri has wanted to get married. After numerous breakups and heartache, she finally said “I do” in the Season 5 finale. When The Mindy Project‘s sixth and final season kicks off this month, Mindy will finally have everything she wants — or will she? This season will tackle the issue of romance and heartbreak from the side of Mindy being married. Mindy will quickly discover that marriage is not everything she hoped it would be. While this may be sad news for Ben (Mindy’s husband) it could be good news for Danny, since Chris Messina is confirmed to return this season.

Stream The Mindy Project here.

Jerry Before Seinfeld

September 19 – Netflix, New

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is returning to his stand-up roots in his new Netflix series Jerry Before Seinfeld. Since Netflix has become the go-to spot for stand-up comedians, it makes perfect sense that Jerry would host a special here. In this hour-long comedy, Seinfeld performs at the The Comic Strip, the famed club that gave him his start. His jokes are inspired by his early years of comedy, some jokes he’s held onto since then. This is the first of two specials Seinfeld will produce with Netflix, the first of which premieres this month.

Stream Jerry Before Seinfeld here.


September 22 – Amazon

Transparent is back this fall with an all new season. Season 4 will take the Pfefferman family into a deeper exploration of faith, especially when Maura travels to Israel. Each member of the family will experience something different and unique while in the Jewish homeland. This season will also tackle transphobia and homophobia in light of the 2016 election. Creator Jill Soloway said that politics will be challenged head on, in a new way from other seasons. Transparent hits AmazonVideo this fall and has already been renewed for a fifth season.

Stream Transparent here.

Fuller House

September 22 – Netflix

Fuller House Season 3
The Tanner/Gibbler family will be back for a third season this September.

Fuller House continues to roll out new seasons at lightning- fast pace. Season 3 premieres this month on a very special date — September 22 — which is Full House‘s 30th Anniversary! This season will be split into two sections, with nine episodes airing first, then nine more airing at a later date. Since Season 3’s theme is “Summer Fun,” the Tanner-Fuller and Gibbler kids will be home, which should make the Tanner/Gibbler house even more chaotic and lively than before. Also, you can definitely expect more nostalgia cameos, especially since Nickelodeon’s Drake Bell is directing an episode! We’ll also find out more about DJ and Stephanie’s love lives — hopefully DJ can redeem herself from her botched proposal to Steve’s girlfriend CJ.

Stream Fuller House here.

Gaga: Five Foot Two

September 22 – Netflix, New

The life of a pop star lies somewhere between royalty and infamy. Nothing documents that lifestyle more than Lady Gaga‘s new project with Netflix, Gaga: Five Foot Two. The documentary will focus on the production of Lady Gaga’s most recent album Joanne. It will also take you behind-the-scenes of Lady Gaga’s famous Superbowl Half-Time Show. The series is an intimate look at Lady Gaga’s life behind the stage, behind the music videos, behind everything. Fun, outrageous, painful, rambunctious — this 100 minute film looks like an incredible journey down the rabbit hole for any true Gaga fan.

Stream Gaga: Five Foot Two here.

Stranger Things

October 27 – Netflix

This Halloween get ready to relive all of the best moments from the 1980s. We’re talking Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” Ghostbusters, Dragon’s Lair video games — everything that shaped the ’80s — is coming to life on this season of Stranger Things. Will is back, but his ability to see into the Upside Down terrifies him. Eleven is gone, can she find a way to break on through to this side? Friendships will continue to be tested, families will be strained and the city of Hawkins will once again find itself embroiled in a paranormal mystery that only the fearless four can solve. Season 2 of Stranger Things hits Netflix just in time for Halloween.

Stream Stranger Things here.

Future Man

November 14 – Hulu, New

If you like over-the-top, sex-inspired, science fiction comedies, then Future Man is for you. Straight from the mind of Seth Rogen (Preacher, Sausage Party), Future Man is about a janitor who is tasked with preventing the extinction of humanity after mysterious visitors from the future declare him the Earth’s only hope. Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games) plays Josh Futterman, the STD clinic janitor who gets swept up in the job of saving the world. Complete with more ’80s references than Ready Player One, Future Man hits Hulu in November.

Stream Future Man here.

Marvel’s Runaways

November 21 – Hulu, New

Marvel is expanding across television programs at a rapid pace. From Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC, Defenders on Netflix, The Gifted on FOX, and Legion on FX, Marvel is now joining Hulu with Runaways. Runaways follows the journey of a team of superhero teenagers who discover their parents are super villains. The series will be a departure from the Netflix shows in that it will focus more on family dynamics and the struggles and joys of coming of age. Marvel’s Runaways hits Hulu in November.

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