This ‘Stranger Things’-Inspired Dinner Party Will Give You Hosting Goals

Lawrence Yee
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Stranger Things was inspired by 80s horror movies and pop culture.

The breakout Netflix series, which just released its second season, has been a source of inspiration itself — for some incredible culinary creations.

Welcome to the Stranger Things Supper Club, where FANDOM has created a whole menu based off the show.

Stranger Starters

We open with the Strawberry Rhu-Barb Splash. There may be no #JusticeForBarb, but there’s a cocktail in Barb’s honor. Our dinner guests question whether or not she should be brought back from the dead. Where do you stand on the issue?

Next up is Eleven-ated Eggos — a twist on soul food chicken and waffles. During this course, we look at how the show created a phenomenon around the common breakfast item.

The Main Courses

Salty and squirmy is up next in the form of a charred octopus salad —  a nod to the tendril. While the diners correctly identified the protein, they debated what the demigorgon really is.

A classic TV dinner with peas, potatoes, and meatloaf makes up the next course. Like the waffles, there’s a nostalgia there. There’s a discussion on how the segments on the plate are an allegory of the segmentation among Mike’s family.

What’s For Dessert?

Hawkins power plant pannacotta is a sweet end to the supper, but what do the diners think will happen to the kids of Stranger Things? Will more young lives be lost?

You can stream Stranger Things and its sequel, Stranger Things 2, are both available now on Netflix.

Lawrence Yee
Lawrence is Editor in Chief of FANDOM. He grew up loving X-Men, Transformers, and Japanese-style role playing games like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. First-person shooters make him incredibly nauseous.
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