UPDATE: ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Gets New Poster, Teaser and Release Date


Stranger Things season two premieres on Halloween, and there’s plenty of well-deserved hype surrounding its return. Set in the 1980s, the Netflix original series exploded into the cultural zeitgeist last year, paying homage to supernatural and sci-fi classics like E.T. and Poltergeist. The show’s creators promise the residents of Hawkins, Indiana will face even greater demons this time around.

Here’s everything we know about Stranger Things season two so far, with the most recent piece of news at the top of the article…

Season 2 Gets New Poster, Teaser and Release Date

Looks like we’ll be getting S2 four days earlier than expected, with a new teaser poster and trailer revealing that the show will now drop on October 27.

This season will amp up horror

Things are about to get even more disturbing for our young characters. In an interview with People magazine, Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler, said:

“This season will be a lot more dark, a lot more horror-oriented… I think people are going to like it more than the first season.”

There are 9 episodes total, and we know their titles

In August of last year, an announcement trailer revealed the second season will consist of nine episodes, as well as the working title for each episode.

Several new characters have been added to the cast

Among the new cast members are tomboy Max, her older step-brother Billy, and a woman named Roman who is connected to Hawkins Lab. There are also big names joining the case, including Goonies star Sean Astin who plays RadioShack manager Bob Newby, Department of Energy agent Dr. Owens played by Aliens actor Paul Reiser, and comedian Brett Gelman playing disgraced journalist, Murray Bauman.

The kids are dealing with some trauma


Set in the fall of 1984, Stranger Things season two continues a year after the events of season one, as supernatural forces once again begin to affect the town.

Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Mike’s friend Dustin, says we’ll get more detailed backgrounds of all of the characters.

“The great thing about this season is you get to see insights into each character on their own,” he explained. “You’re going to see a lot more into the lives of how the characters are coping with what’s been going on… They’re all very emotionally scarred. They feel alone because their best friend is back and he’s not acting like their best friend anymore. He’s changed.”

Jim Hopper’s daughter’s story will expand

jim hopper reading Sarah-Hopper a book in a hospital bed on stranger things

During a panel at New York Comic-Con, David Harbour revealed that season two might further explore the death of SarahJim Hopper‘s daughter.

The Upside Down may not be real after all

This season, there’ll be a lot of discussion regarding Will‘s visions of the Upside Down, and whether they’re a result of post-traumatic stress disorder. Meanwhile, Hopper tries to keep the events of the previous year covered up in order to protect the kids and Joyce.

Eleven will return

El using the bath to cross over
El using the bath to cross over

While Eleven‘s exact role in the season is still unknown, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Matt Duffer teased that she will play a major part, saying:

“We do get into her story and backstory. We learn about where she came from and how she came into the world and the program that resulted in her.”

Will there be justice for Barb?

We’ll have to wait and see.

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